ESRS Wake-Up Bus Project

Project Description

The bus project aims at raising awareness among general public of the importance of sleepiness as one of the main causes of road accidents. An awareness campaign will be run by the National Sleep Society of each country visited by the bus.

The bus left Oporto on 3rd October and the journey ended with a meeting at the EU Parliament in Brussels held on 15 October in which the EU Parliamentarians were addressed by ESRS officers, ANSS members, and a panel of experts about “sleepiness at the wheel”- related issues.

Project Group

  • Marta Goncalves, Project Coordinator, Member Executive Committee ANSS and EU Committee, ESRS
  • Ludger Grote, Chair Executive Committee Assembly of National Sleep Societies, ESRS
  • Roberto Amici, Chair EU Committee, ESRS
  • Philippe Peigneux, President of the ESRS

Presentations held at the EU Parliament, Brussels (15-Oct-2013)

The ESRS: missions and visions
P. Peigneux, ESRS President

Why is sleep so important for our everyday life?
Roberto Amici, Coordinator of the ESRS EU Commitee

The Impact of Sleep Disorders on Traffic Safety
Damien Leger, Member of Expert Panel

The Wake Up Bus project in the European countries
Ludger Grote, ANSS Chair

Wake-up Bus Sleep Study: A survey of 19 European countries
Marta Gonçalves, Project Coordinator

Stay Awake at The Wheel: Where Next?
Jim Horne, Member of Expert Panel

Core Activites of the Project

  1. European awareness campaign about sleepiness at the wheel. A Wake-up bus will run through Europe starting in Portugal and ending in Brussels. An awareness campaign will be run by the National Sleep Society of each country visited by the Wake-up bus (Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain) and of several countries (Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Sweden) that cannot be reached by the bus due to time limitation.
  2. European sleep study on “Sleepiness and Accidents”. An online questionnaire has been made available by the NSS of 20 European countries. The results will be presented and discussed at the final symposium (see point 4).
  3. Creation of an ESRS expert panel on “Sleep and Driving” which performs a state of the art review and an proposal for an action plan to be delivered to EU official
  4. A one-day symposium at the EU Parliament in Brussels as the final “highlight” of the campaign

Wake-Up Bus Brochures



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