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Call for effective members to join a new taskforce in the Gender Equality Forum (GEF)

Background: Women in science provide invaluable contributions to advance the research field of sleep and beyond. An increasing number of women peruse a PhD in science and yet, women are still underrepresented when it comes to permanent, and leading academic positions in research. The European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) recognizes that gender equality in science is a vital and global goal that concerns and benefits everyone. For that purpose, the ESRS established the Forum for Women in Sleep Research in 2000. This Forum has been founded and led by many great women, and most recently been headed by Prof. Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer. After several years of invaluable contribution, Prof. Winsky-Sommerer will hand over the task to a new chair. We thank her very much …

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Sleep Science Friday: EIN Meeting Report

  25 June 2021    On the 11th of June, the “European Insomnia Network meeting” took place to discuss the latest news in insomnia research. Due to ongoing pandemic-related restrictions the meeting was held online. Regardless, it was an informative and insightful nearly 7-hour long session with over 100 scientists participating from many different countries across Europe and the world. In total 25 presentations were given in four respective sessions on the following topics: general new findings; insomnia and emotions; methodology, measurements, and models and of course the clinical aspect of treating insomnia with cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) in a classical or digital setting. Here you can find a selection of key learnings from the sessions:     …

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Sleep Science Friday: The Early Career Researchers Network

18 June 2021    ‘The COVID pandemic has affected the plans, career perspectives and also wellbeing of those early career sleep researchers and clinicians, we therefore want to make sure the ECRN really becomes a support network for anyone at an early career stage and interested in sleep. This year, we’ve chosen ‘Increasing Wellbeing-Together’ as our motto: Together we can help each other in feeling good and achieving what we aim for in our careers.” states Annemarie Luik, Assistant Professor at the Department of Epidemiology of the Erasmus MC University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Annemarie is the current Chair of the ESRS Early Career Researchers Network (ECRN) and a member of the ESRS Board. With this statement in …

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Sleep Science Friday: Adverse Effects of Sleep Deprivation Webinar

11 June 2021    We all know that sleep is an essential function and yet, many times we are denied this daily opportunity to recharge mentally and physically in order to remain healthy. Getting little to no sleep is not always a choice for some if you consider those suffering from sleep apnoea, chronic insomnia, snoring and other sleep disorders. However, for others it is sometimes a personal choice or simply a side effect of shift work or travelling through different time zones.  Sleep deprivation describes a state caused by inadequate quantity or quality of sleep, including voluntary or involuntary sleeplessness and circadian rhythm sleep disorders.  The ideal amount of sleep for adults is between 7 and 9 hours1, more for children. Not meeting this sleep quota regularly has myriad consequences for how we function on a day-to-day basis.  Understanding the effect of sleep deprivation on all aspects of our lives is a crucial point for discussion. This is …

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Sleep Science Friday: Revised Catalogue of Knowledge and Skills 

04 June 2021    Since the Catalogue of Knowledge and Skills was first published in the JSR in 2014, the field of sleep medicine has evolved greatly.   The influence that sleep medicine has on other medical disciplines is evident, as the desire for physicians to remain in their field, but also to expand their knowledge and understanding of sleep medicine and sleep research in relation to their specialty, has increased.   Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Thomas Penzel, a total of nineteen authors contributed to this revision, which takes into consideration the interdisciplinary nature of sleep medicine, and also, the changes in the International Classification of Sleep Disorders, updates in the manual for scoring sleep and associated events and new knowledge in sleep physiology and pathophysiology.  Here is the entire …

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Sleep Science Friday: Sleep Coaching

28 May 2021 Sleep coaching according to Holzinger & Klösch is a non-pharmacological approach for sleep disorders and sleep problems focusing on insomnia.  Prof. Brigitte Holzinger, Director of the Institute for Consciousness and Dream Research and Founding Member of the Austrian Sleep Research Association speaks with ESRS’s Dr. Lyudmila Korostovtseva on this topic. Together they address   The pillars of sleep coaching  Sleep coaching execution: duration, individual vs. group  Handling non-responders  Sleep coaching and COVID-19  The evolution of sleep coaching  Prof. Holzinger research in sleep and psychological aspects started out by looking at the sleep of patients with an insomnia pattern of anxiety disorders, eating disorders and their sleep and dream patterns. She wanted to show that lucid dreaming was a potent tool for psychotherapy, especially as a tool for the treatment of nightmares.  With a research project underway, she was able to lead a group of people from heavily disturbed …

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Sleep Science Friday: Lucid Dreaming

21 May 2021   Lucid dreaming happens when you become aware that you’re dreaming. It is a conscious phenomenon that occurs during sleep, that explores (or pushes) the boundaries between dreams and reality. Much more studies are needed on this, as research has only given a small amount of understanding so far.  Prof. Brigitte Holzinger, Director of the Institute for Consciousness and Dream Research and Founding Member of the Austrian Sleep Research Association is a pioneer and expert in the field of lucid dreaming. She speaks with ESRS’s Dr. Lyudmila Korostovtseva on this topic – specifically addressing: Techniques to communicate with lucid dreamers  Who can have lucid dreams and can this be trained?  Application of lucid dreams as a treatment for sleep disorders    Communicating with a lucid dreamer  Prof. Holzinger has been studying lucid dreaming extensively …

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Sleep Science Friday: ANSS Annual Meeting Report

14 May 2021 As previously announced, the ANSS hosted their annual meeting last week Saturday, 8-May 2021 online, due to the pandemic-related restrictions. Regardless, it was an insightful and productive, 4-hour session with 39 participants spanning 29 countries across Europe.  The programme featured several speakers who addressed critical topics on sleep medicine in Europe, the state of sleep during COVID-19 and the way forward. This is a brief overview of the insights and findings that were highlighted.    The role of Sleep Labs during COVID-19  Invited speaker Dr. Winfried Randerath, gave a comprehensive overview of the evidence about sleep disorders in COVID-19 and the risk factors for the worsening of sleep. In theory, sleep-disordered breathing can contribute to the increased vulnerability to …

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Sleep Science Friday: Assembly of National Sleep Societies – 2021 Annual Meeting

7 May 2021 The Assembly of National Sleep Societies (ANSS) is a grouping of European sleep societies with the common goal to develop sleep medicine and sleep research. It is a formal body of the ESRS and represents the associate members from different European sleep societies. 31 European national sleep societies are currently members of the ANSS representing over 7,100 associate members. The Annual Meeting of the ANSS in the European Sleep Research Society will take place Saturday, 8-May 2021 virtually, starting at 13:00h CET.   There is a very robust programme planned, including an address from ESRS President Dr. Pierre-Hervé Luppi, who will provide an overview of ESRS activities, upcoming events and changes within the society and facilitate a discussion on future collaborations with the Presidents of the 31 National Sleep Societies.    Special Lecture by Invited Speaker …

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