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ESRS and FENS Society Membership

The ESRS joined the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) as monodisciplinary society member. ESRS members thus profit from multiple benefits. Login details to the FENS website were distributed by FENS to ESRS members on 23 December 2013. Cick here to read more about complementary FENS membership. Membership of FENS invites you to: register at reduced rates at the FENS Forum access the official FENS journal, European Journal of Neuroscience (EJN), free of charge receive the FENS e-mailings (Job Market, EJN table of contents etc.) regularly

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ESRS Wake-Up Bus Project

The bus project aims at raising awareness among general public of the importance of sleepiness as one of the main causes of road accidents. An awareness campaign will be run by the National Sleep Society of each country visited by the bus. Download: ESRS Press Release & Review Presentations held at EU Parliament Wake-Up Bus starting in Oporto, Portugal, 3 October 2013 The bus left Oporto on 3rd October and the journey ended with a meeting at the EU Parliament in Brussels held on 15 October in which the EU Parliamentarians were addressed by ESRS officers, ANSS members, and a panel of experts about “sleepiness at the wheel”- related issues. Core Activities of the Project: European awareness campaign about sleepiness …

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Networking to Understand Sleep Functions and Dysfunctions

The European Basic and Clinical Sleep Research Towards Horizon 2020 View Report

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