ESRS Executive Manager (50-60%)

The European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) is a scientific, not-for-profit organization founded in 1971. It promotes all aspects of sleep research and sleep medicine and has more than 1,500 individual members from all over Europe and the rest of the World, and 10,000 affiliated members of 33 national sleep societies in Europe. With annual congresses, scientific and educational publications and various other activities, the ESRS is the leading actor in Europe in Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research. To strengthen its operational, strategic and administrative management, the ESRS is looking for an Executive Manager, fluent in English and German, who will be responsible of the society’s administrative tasks and financial commitments, the coordination of the society’s annual meetings in collaboration with …

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The ESRS is looking for a Business Administrator!

Part time (50%) job offer for the administration of the European Sleep Research Society!

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Sleep Science Friday: Sleep-disordered breathing

Sleep Science Friday (3 Sept 2020) Happy Friday everyone! Grab a coffee/tea/drink to end your week with a quick recap of Sleep Science News following last Friday’s ESRS updates. As we learn more about COVID-19, certain underlying health conditions are shown to be associated with increased susceptibility and worse outcomes. Specifically, respiratory disorders, including sleep-disordered breathing (on the susceptibility side of COVID-19), along with a long road to recovery requiring lung rehabilitation in some patients (on the convalescence side). Sleep-disordered breathing Sleep-disordered breathing (such as obstructive sleep apnea) are characterized by intermittent hypoxia (low levels of oxygen) during sleep, sleep fragmentation, and hypercapnia (abnormally elevated blood CO2), which can activate multiple inflammatory pathways, alter lipid metabolism, and increase oxidative stress. …

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ESRS 2020 Friday Update (28 Aug 2020)

Sleep Science Friday Yes! It’s Friday! Grab a coffee/tea/beer/wine and end your week with a quick recap of Sleep Science News and ESRS updates! ESRS 2020 Friday Update (28 Aug 2020) Happy Friday everyone! Just a short update on ESRS news this Friday as we countdown to #ESRS2020 on Sept 22 – 24 2020. Due to COVID-19, the 25th Congress of the ESRS goes Virtual—so you can attend (even in your pajamas) from anywhere worldwide. For Spanish speakers, #ESRS2020 will be a joint congress with the Spanish Sleep Society. Both meetings are coordinated in parallel; attendants can participate in both meetings with only one registration. Keynote speakers from #ESRS2020 will have Spanish translations. We will also have poster sessions, teaching …

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Consultant in Respiratory Medicine (Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh)

Chest Physician with an interest in Sleep and Ventilatory Support Medicine Applications are welcome for the above permanent, full time (40 hours per week) post based in Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. More detailed departmental and specialty information can be found in the job description available via email address / link below. For an informal discussion please contact: Dr. Crichton Ramsay, Clinical Director Respiratory Medicine, NHS Lothian. 0131 537 17881 or email For a job pack detailing the minimum requirements for this post and details of how to apply, please click the Apply button or email Please quote reference number CG 1958. Closing date: 13th September 2020. Interview date: 6th October 2020.

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Sleep and Alzheimer’s: “Ich habe mich verloren”

Sleep Science Friday Yes! It’s Friday! Grab a coffee/tea/beer/wine and end your week with a quick recap of Sleep Science News and ESRS updates! “Ich habe mich verloren.” – Auguste Deter (16 May 1850 – 8 April 1906) Exhibiting paranoid and erratic behavior, delusions, and issues with speech and memory, 51-year-old Auguste Deter was examined by German neurologist, Dr. Alois Alzheimer, at the Frankfurt Institution of the Mentally Ill and Epileptics (Germany). Given her young age, Dr. Alzheimer initially labelled her condition as “presenile dementia”. Over the next several years, living in a state of confusion that progressively deteriorated, she soon lost sense of time and space—unable to recall her husband, where she was, and her own name—frequently uttering, “I …

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ESRS Business Meeting will be on Zoom!

For ESRS members attending #ESRS2020: This year’s ESRS Business meeting (23 September 2020 19:45 – 21:30 h CEST) will be held as an online session with ZOOM. All ESRS members will receive a link to the meeting right in time! In order to give all participants, ESRS board and staff enough time for the check-in, the ZOOM meeting room will be opened at 19:00 h CEST. Don’t forget to submit your nominations for new board and committee members! Not an ESRS member yet? Sign up to become a member! We look forward to seeing you there!

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ESRS Friday Update: Call for Nominations to the Board, Scientific Committee and ECRN

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS TO THE ESRS BOARD AND SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ______________________________________________________________ In the upcoming Business Meeting, to be held during the ESRS Virtual Congress on 23 September 2020, new Board and Scientific Committee members will need to be elected. Nominations to the ESRS Board According to the bylaws, members of the ESRS Board are elected for a period of two years, with only one additional two-year renewal for a particular position possible. The only exception is the Treasurer position, which can be renewed without limitation. In addition, since 2006, a representative of the ANSS is given a regular Board member position as an ex officio member. Two of the six current ESRS Board members (i.e. the President and Vice-President Clinical) …

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ESRS 2020 Highlight: Sleep and neurodegenerative diseases

Sleep Science Friday Yes! It’s Friday! Grab a coffee (or tea) and end your week with a quick recap of Sleep Science News and ESRS updates!   ESRS 2020 Highlight: Sleep and neurodegenerative diseases   These past weeks, we have been busy preparing for the Virtual Edition of ESRS 2020 on Sept 22-24 (see the latest Letter from the ESRS President, Walter McNicholas), with our Scientific Programme confirmed and online. Joining us will be keynote speaker, Maiken Nedergaard, M.D., D.M.Sc. (University of Rochester Medical Center) presenting her lecture, “The glymphatic system, sleep and neurodegenerative diseases”. Although there are many suggestions as to why we sleep (e.g. memory consolidation), one hypothesis is that sleep essentially “rinses” the brain and facilitates the …

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11th World Congress for Neurorehabilitation w/ the 35th Congress of the French Society of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine (7-11 Oct 2020)

Submit your abstract by 31 Aug for the 11th World Congress for Neurorehabilitation held jointly with the 35th Congress of the French Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine on 7-11 Oct 2020!

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