Sleep Science Friday: Sleep in the time of corona—with Dr. Christine Blume  

Sleep Science Friday   It’s the end of another week—grab a coffee/tea/beer/wine and end your week with a quick recap of Sleep Science News!   Sleep in the time of corona—with Dr. Christine Blume   20 November 2020   After nearly a year coping with a global pandemic, some positive news broke recently: Pfizer (with BioNTech) and Moderna recently announced within weeks of each other two possible COVID-19 vaccine candidates. This is especially promising as stress and uncertainty have had huge impacts on our daily lives, with (anecdotal) increases in insomnia (or “coronasomnia”), the advent of “corona dreams”, as well as decreased sleep quality. This is concerning as a well-functioning immune system is linked to getting proper sleep (de Silva et al. 2020; Irwin, 2012; Okamoto et al., 2008), with less sleep associated with a higher risk of getting sick (Cohen et al. 2009, Patel et al., 2012; Prather et al. 2015; Wilder-Smith et al., 2013), as well as decreased vaccine effectiveness (Lange et al., 2011; Prather et …

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