ANSS-EU Committee


The main aims of the ANSS-EU Committee are:

  • to bring the topics of “sleep” and “sleep disorders” to the attention of the EU in order to receive support for research and teaching activities
  • to promote sleep-related issues from a political point of view at a European and national level

Recent activity has been aimed at empowering the relationship between the ESRS and different stakeholders involved in the promotion of a better knowledge and awareness about the risk of drowsy driving and about the need of more research about sleep and sleep disorders.

The ANSS-EU Committee is currently in the rebuilding phase and is looking for effective members to join.

Are you interested in becoming a part of a group of individuals who are committed to actively leading effective change in the European Union as it relates to sleep and sleep disorders.
Let us know you’re interested by completing the form below:

Only ESRS Members in good standing are able to apply for and/or join the ESRS-ANSS EU Committee. Please log in with your ESRS username and password.