Early Career Researcher Network

Early Career Researcher Network


The ESRS Early Career Researcher Network (ECRN) is dedicated to collaboration and participation of early career sleep professionals within the ESRS and its activities and events. Our main aim is to establish and maintain a peer network for early career sleep researchers and clinicians to support a generation of healthy, collaborative and successful sleep professionals.

All early career sleep professionals (e.g., MSc and PhD students, postdoctoral researchers or clinicians,) who obtained their PhD or Master degrees less than 10 years ago and are a member of the ESRS can become a member of the ECRN. We do however also reach out to the broader community of early career sleep professionals on our social media platforms. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Our most prominent activity is the hosting of the Early Career Day at the first day of each bi-annual ESRS conference since 2016. The Early Career Day is half-day session organized around topics relevant to early career professionals, such as professional development and transferrable skills. Moreover, networking events, online sessions, and digital communications such as the “member of the month” that throws the spotlight on individual members, are organized throughout. Please follow our social media channels for more information. If you have any specific questions do feel free to reach out.

The Executive Committee (EC)

The ECRN is led by an executive committee, which preferably reflects the diversity of early career sleep researchers and clinicians within the ESRS. The EC consists of five members, who are elected at the biannual Early Career Day after an advertisement sent out via email to all ECRN members. To assure the continuity of the ongoing work, members of the EC are elected for 4 years and 2-3 new members are therefore elected at every biannual ECRN meeting.

EC members cannot sit for longer than 4 years at a time but can re-elected once at a later time. If needed, the ECRN-EC may decide in collaboration with the ESRS board to change the composition of the EC. This decision may be taken by simple majority. The members of the EC choose the Chair, the Co-Chair and Secretary from amongst them.

The ECRN-EC makes sure the voice of young professionals is heard throughout the ESRS. The ECRN Chair has regular meetings with the ESRS Board and ECRN members participate in the Education Committee, the Sleep Medicine Committee, the Digital and Communication Committee, and the Research Network Committee of the ESRS.