Paediatric Sleep Medicine Subcommittee

Paediatric Sleep Medicine Subcommittee


To promote the field of paediatric sleep.

  • Inside ESRS we strive to improve our connectivity. Therefore, our objective is to establish a registry of European clinicians and researchers or centers involved in paediatric sleep.

To strive for high-quality sleep health care to children and adolescents and their families:

  • by supporting and facilitating the training of professionals, clinicians, and researchers in paediatric sleep;
  • by collaborating in development of paediatric sleep guidelines respecting our rich cultural and linguistic diversity;
  • by protecting and improving the quality of practice parameters in pediatric sleep medicine;
  • by standardising procedures for children and adolescents in accredited sleep centres.

To achieve sustainable development goals for the field of paediatric sleep:

  • This network will support basic and applied research in all areas of pediatric sleep health care.
  • This network will support the identification, creation, and modification of pediatric sleep tools (e.g., questionnaires, scoring algorithms, technology, etc.).
  • This network will encourage the development of effective sleep health care for sleep issues applicable across childhood ages and developmental stages.
  • This network will advocate and contribute to the digitalisation of patient or participant databases, shared digital knowledge.

To enhance scientific and technological progress in the field of sleep medicine.

To offer a European platform to disseminate pediatric sleep knowledge to societal policies and the public.

To advocate the paediatric sleep endeavours by other (inter)national paediatric sleep organisations.


The Paediatric Subcommittee is proud to anounce the

1st ESRS Paediatric Sleep School