Dansk Søvnmedicinsk Selskab

Danish Society for Sleep Medicine


Lone Baanrup

Email: sekretaer@dssm.dk

Presentation held during the ANSS meeting in: Brussels, Belgium, 28. – 30.04.2016 (PDF)

Foundation year



Number of members


Composition of members (degree, specialties, subspecialties, etc.)

Mostly M.D. in the specialities: clinical neurophysiology, neurology, ear-nose-throat, and pulmonology.
Other members are psychologists, masters, PhDs.

Historical perspective of the society

The society was founded in 1996 by a group of physicians.
The society has held 1 – 3 national meetings per year and meetings with related societies. Activities include creation of sleep diagnoses for the national patient registry, creating of diagnose related groups for all sleep procedures, guideline programs, accreditation, and national meetings.

Important sleep physicians / researchers in the history of the NSS

Members of the board:
Pia Wurtzen Norup, Poul Jennum (chairmen)
Niels Rasmussen, Ole Norregaard, Jorgen Alving, Michael Laub, Klaus Martiny, Marielle Zoetmulder, Stine Knudsen, Birgitte Bang, Lene Ruge Moller, Michael Felding, Mary Doreen Atkins, Gordon Wildschiodtz, Jan Ovesen, Soren Berg

Number of Sleep Medicine Centers

Danish Center for Sleep Medicine, Glostrup Hospital
Respiratory Center West, Arhus University Hospital
Respiratory Center East, Glostrup Hospital, Copenhagen
Scansleep, Copenhagen http://scansleep.dk/

Number of Sleep Research Centers

There are several active groups working within the sleep field.

The National Sleep Center is: www.glostruphospital.dk/menu/Afdelinger/Soevncenter/

ScanSleep is active in research and education: http://scansleep.dk/

Accreditation / Certification procedure

Denmark participated in the grandparenting process of sleep medicine professionals organized by the Nordic NOSMAC organization in 2010.

Educational programs

National sleep courses
Pre- and postgraduate education
Sleep scoring programs

Present activities, working groups, task forces

Health Technology Assessment (2006, 2007) and revision in 2012
Representation in the National Health Board


Nordic Sleep Congress held in 2003, to be organized in 2013

February 10, 2020
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