ESRS Sleep Science School 2017: Photo Logbook

October 16 – 21, 2017

The 1st ESRS Sleep Science School, focused on “Neural Networks in Sleep”, meets in Fréjus, France, a city located on the Mediterranean sea. The school is organized by the ESRS and coordinated by Philippe Peigneux (ESRS President 2012-2016) and Pierre-Hervé Luppi (ESRS Vice-President Basic).

October 16 at 7:06pm

Welcome to Frejus! The meeting is starting tonight at 7:30PM with a buffet and poster hanging! The room is already open if you wish to put your posters!

October 17 at 10:14am / 4:14pm

Alain Destexhe and Vladyslav Vyazovskiy are talking at the ESRS school …

October 17 at 12:44pm

Oral presentations

October 18 at 9:13am

Let’s start the second day programme with Anita …

October 18 at 12:45pm

Trekking on the sea shore by small groups with informal discussion with the faculty …

October 18 at 4:48am

Oral presentations

October 18 at 9:32pm

Well-served dinner

October 18 at 10:38pm

Digested penguins wins the statistic competition

October 19 at 9:30am

Hans-Peter Landolt talking at the ESRS school …

October 19 at 10:56am

Oral presentations

October 19 at 11:44am

Comment by Patricia Bonnavion:

Many thanks to all of you. Great organization, good fun, amazing landscape and fantastic students! Congrats Pierre-Hervé Luppi and Philippe Peigneux for this 1st school! Sorry to leave early. All the best to all of you especially “my” grant proposal group, I support and fund you 100%, you have a gold nugget here! good luck with the talk prep!

October 19 at 3:24pm

Oral presentations

October 19 at 4:00pm

Pierre-Hervé Luppi disussing the mechanisms underlying paradoxical sleep at the ESRS school, well aware of the importance of body language to the audience engagement …

October 19 at 5:25pm

Oral presentations


Comment by Pierre-Hervé Luppi:

Congratulations to all for your great presentations!


Comment by Philippe Peigneux:

Yes, that was super ! You all have great projects !

October 19 at 7:52pm

The parasomnia and memory mice grant groups at work!

October 20 at 9:57am

Pierre-Hervé Luppi talking at ESRS school …

October 20 at 12:17pm

The 9 grant groups working hard at ESRS sleep school!

October 20 at 3:33pm

Philippe Peigneux is on the floor …

October 20 at 5:12pm

Grants Oral Presentations

October 20 at 6:17pm


October 20 at 9:42pm

The winners of the ESRS prizes at the ESRS Sleep Science School are:

Best Poster Awards:

  • James Cousins, Jari Gool and Jacqueline van der Meij

Best Talk Awards:

  • Anat Arzi, Peter Simor and Sarah Schoch

Best grant proposal awards:

  • Local sleep and psychotic-like experiences: Peter Simor, Tobi Champion Seun-fadipe, Takashi Nakamura, and Eden Debellemanière
  • Oxygen levels in flight and jet lag adaptation: Eva Hennecke, Denise Lange, Lily Roshchupkina and Jan de Zeeuw
  • Hippocampal metabolism during targeted memory reactivation: Borbála Blaskovich, Sarah Schoch, Susanne Weigend-Münzing, and Mick Lehmann

Congratulations to all, and to all the other participants who deserved as well many prizes !!!

October 20 at 10:40pm

Dance party

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