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6th ESRS Congress

23 March 1982 @ 1:00 am - 26 March 1982 @ 1:00 am CET

Sleep 1982, Proceedings of the 6th ESRS Congress,
W. P. Koella (ed.), Basel, Karger 1983

Special Lectures:

  1. Michel Jouvet: Hypnogenic indolamine-dependent factors and paradoxical sleep rebound
  2. Gerard Groos: Regulation of the circadian sleep-wake cycle
  3. U. Moser  et al.: Experiences with computer simulation of dream processes


  1. Information processing during sleep (Chairs: D. Lehmann, M. Bertini)
  2. Autonomic nervous system and sleep physiology (Chairs: P. L. Parmeggiani, F. Obal, Jr.)
  3. The rational use of hypnotic drugs (Chairs: I. Oswald, L. Garma)


  1. Endogenous sleep factors (Chairs: R. Ursin, A. A. Borbély)
  2. Phylogenetic approaches to the functions of sleep. (Chairs: I. Tobler, J. Horne)
  3. Use of sleep laboratories in clinical practice (Chairs: M. Billiard, S. Smirne)

The Scientific and Publications Committee selected 80 out of 130 submitted papers as Mini-Papers for inclusion into the congress proceedings.

ESRS Board

President: I. Oswald (Edinburgh)
Vice-President: P. Visser (Amsterdam)
Secretary: M. Billiard (Montpellier)
Assistant-Secretary: A. Besset (Montpellier)
Treasurer: J.-M. Gaillard (Geneva)

Scientific Committee

O. Benoit (Paris)
A. Borbély (Zurich)
W. P. Koella (Basel)
P. Putkonen (Helsinki)
B. Roth (Prague)

Local Organizing Committee

Alexander Borbély (Zurich)

Jean Michel Gaillard (Geneva)
Dietrich Lehmann (Zurich)
Maija Loepfe (Zurich)
Inge Strauch (Zurich)
Irene Tobler (Zurich)


23 March 1982 @ 1:00 am CET
26 March 1982 @ 1:00 am CET
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