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9th ESRS Congress

4 September 1988 @ 1:00 am - 9 September 1988 @ 1:00 am CEST

Sleep ‘88, Proceedings of the 9th ESRS Congress,
J. Horne (ed.), Basel, Karger 1989

Special lectures:

  1. P. L. Parmeggiani: Lecture of the President, The behavioural state: paradigm or reality?
  2. R. J. Broughton: Evoked potentials and sleep-wake states in man
  3. R. Wittern: Sleep theories in the Antiquity and in the Renaissance


  1. Transient insomnia, shift-work and jet lag (Chair: T. Akerstedt)
  2. Sleep in pediatrics (Chair: P. Salzarulo)
  3. Application of brain imaging methods in sleep research (Chair: D. Lehmann)
  4. Sleep and hypothermia (Chair: P. L. Parmeggiani)
  5. Sleep pharmacology: transmitter and receptor mechanisms (Chairs: A. A. Borbély, W. B. Mendelson)
  6. Narcolepsy – new developments (Chair: H. Schulz)
  7. Sleep and epilepsy (Chair: A. C. Declerck)
  8. Brain activity and dreaming (Chair: L. Murri)

The Scientific and Publications Committee selected 46 out of over 90 submitted papers as minipapers for inclusion into the congress proceedings. When Professor Werner P. Koella (Basel), the ‘Founding Father’ of the European Sleep Society, decided to decline as Editor-in-Chief of the European Congress on Sleep books, Jim Horne (Loughborough) was appointed as a new Editor.

ESRS Board

President: P. L. Parmeggiani (Bologna)
Vice-President: F. Obál (Szeged)
Secretary: H. Schulz (Munich)
Assistant-Secretary: P. Salzarulo (Paris)
Treasurer: I. Tobler (Zurich)

Scientific Committee

J. Adrien (Paris)
M. Billiard (Montpellier)
A. Borbély (Zürich)
J.-M. Gaillard (Geneva)
J. A. Horne (Loughborough)
A. Muzet (Strasbourg)
M. Partinen (Helsinki)

Local Scientific Advisory Committee

P. Lavie
A. Hefez
H. Babkoff
Z. Giora
N. Gadoth
Z. Elezar

Local Organizing Committee

P. Lavie

J. Zomer
R. Peled
B. Shahal
S. Shoham
C. R. Gordon
A. H. Rubin
M. Cohen


4 September 1988 @ 1:00 am CEST
9 September 1988 @ 1:00 am CEST
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