10th ESRS Congress

may, 1990

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Event Details

Sleep ‘90, Proceedings of the 10th ESRS Congress,
J. Horne (ed.), Bochum, Pontenagel Press, 1990.


  1. New approaches to dream analysis (Chairs: C. Cipolli, V. Rotenberg)
  2. Models of human sleep regulation (Chairs: P. Achermann, D. G. M. Beersma)
  3. Circadian aspects of sleep (Chairs: J. Zulley, O. Benoit)
  4. Sleep in rodents: basic mechanisms (Chairs: I. Tobler, J.-L. Valatx)
  5. Hormones and sleep (Chairs: F. Obál Jr., G. Brandenberger)
  6. Environmental influences on sleep (Chairs: A. Muzet, P. Lenzi)
  7. New developments in sleep pharmacology (Chairs: D. Stenberg, C. Gillin)
  8. Hormonal and metabolic implications of obstructive sleep apnea (Chairs: P. Jennum, J. Krieger)
  9. New developments in clinical sleep research (Chairs: J. H. Peter, P. Linkowski, M. Berger)

and for the first time

  1. Young Scientists’ Symposium (Chairs: D. Kurtz, J. A. Horne);
    presenting young scientists were: C. Aström (Copenhagen), J. Ujszászi (Budapest), E. Schramm (Mannheim), A. Sadeh (Haifa), and E. Hirsch (Strasbourg).

The chairpersons wrote in their introduction to the Young Scientists’ Symposium as follows: “This symposium is a new innovation for ESRS Congresses, intended to bring greater attention to “new blood” in the field of European sleep research. The participants have recently completed their doctorates, or are about to do so. Their work has been selected, here, on the basis of merit, innovation, and the recommendations of senior scientists in the field of sleep research.”

Workshop: Education about sleep in Europe (Chair: P. Salzarulo)

The Scientific and Publications Committee selected 80 out of 130 submitted papers as Mini-Papers for inclusion into the congress proceedings.



ESRS Board

President: A. Borbély (Zurich)
Vice-President: P. Lavie (Haifa)
Secretary: D. Stenberg (Helsinki)
Assistant-Secretary: L. Murri (Pisa)
Treasurer: I. Tobler (Zurich)

Scientific Committee

T. Akerstedt (Stockholm)
M. Billiard (Montpellier)
J. A. Horne (Loughborough)
J. Krieger (Strasbourg)
M. Partinen (Helsinki)
C. Shapiro (Edinburgh)
J. Zulley (Andechs)

Local Organizing Committee

Chair:        D. Kurtz
Secretary: J. Krieger

A. Muzet
E. Hirsch
J.-P. Libert
C. Marescaux
G. Micheletti
L. Rumbach


20 (Sunday) 01:00 - 25 (Friday) 01:00



May 25th, 1990
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