ESRS GEF Childcare Support Grant

ESRS GEF Childcare Support Grant


Participating at conferences is a crucial part of every researcher’s academic work. Parent-researchers face additional challenges to fully participate in conference activities due to their childcare-responsibilities. This creates disadvantages for parents and can lead to future career barriers, especially for women Calisi et al. (2018). The ESRS strongly believes that inclusion and diversity are key factors for innovative and cutting-edge science. Therefore, the ESRS is committed to create solutions and reduce hurdles for parent-researchers.

We are excited to announce that the ESRS will award for the first time the “ESRS GEF Childcare Support Grant”. This grant has the aim to provide financial support to parents covering childcare on-site or at home to enable attendance at the 26th congress of the ESRS, Sleep Europe 2022 in Athens, Greece.

Calisi RM; a Working Group of Mothers in Science (2018). Opinion: How to tackle the childcare-conference conundrum. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.

Up to 10 grants of up to 500 Euros each will be awarded.

The money must be personally collected on-site at the conference.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • ESRS member at the time of application
  • Childcare obligation at the time of Sleep Europe 2022
  • A presentation at ESRS is not mandatory for applying but preference will be given to people that actively contribute to the ESRS programme

Application Documents:

Please provide the following two documents (combined to 1 pdf) by uploading it below:

  • A short CV of max 1 page
  • Letter of motivation with 3 short, separate paragraphs answering the following 3 questions (max 700 words overall):
  1. What are your childcare responsibilities at the time of the congress?
  2. How will the money be spent? Please provide a detailed budget (max 500 Euro) and how the money will be used for childcare (on-site or at-home). Money can be used flexibly but a clear justification is needed.
  3. What is your contribution at ESRS and how will this congress attendance support your career (if applicable please provide talk/poster title)?

Application Guidelines:

Application Deadline: 9 August 2022
All application documents should be in English and in a PDF format
Applications received in any other manner aside from the form upload will not be considered
Application documents will be received and processed by the ESRS Office
The ESRS Gender Equality Forum will review the applications and select the awardees
The awardees will be announced at the end of August

Application Form