Interview with the President of the Czech Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Society, Dr. Jana Vyskočilová, and Dr. Ondřej Ludka, Committee Member

Dear Dr. Vyskočilová, what is the status of the accreditation procedures for sleep medicine experts? Can you explain how the procedure works?

Physicians: week-long theoretical course, theoretical test, if the success rate greater than 70%, then theoretical oral examination, if not, it must be repeated, maximum three times, practical examinations (scoring PSGs and PGs).

Technicians: week-long theoretical and practical course, theoretical and practical examination.

Is such an accreditation procedure planned only for physicians or also for other professional figures like psychologists, technicians etc.?

Physicians and technicians.

Do you also have an accreditation procedure for sleep centers?


Do you have accreditation procedures for centers with different characteristics (multidisciplinary, respiratory specific, pediatrics etc)?

Yes. We have 3 different types of accreditation: Comprehensive center of diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, Centre for diagnosis and treatment of sleep-disordered breathing, Monitoring and treatment unit of sleep-disordered breathing (only PG, not PSG).

Is sleep medicine officially included in academic programs?


Do you organize accredited sleep medicine courses?

Annually for physicians and also for technicians.

Are you working toward achieving the recognition of sleep medicine as a medical sub-specialty?

Yes, but still unsuccessfully.

Is basic research in the sleep field represented in the Czech Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Society activities?


Thank you, Dr. Vyskočilová, for participating in this interview.

Lino Nobili