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Contact: Reto  
Position: Prof. SNF
Address: Steinwiesstrasse 75, 8032
City: Zurich
Country: Switzerland
Contact Email: Contact laboratory
RESEARCH DOMAIN: Basic Animal, Basic Human
KEYWORDS: Learning, Memory, Cognition, Sleep and Ageing, Sleep Physiology-Neurophysiology in Human, Sleep Physiology-Neurophysiology in Animal


Laboratory Description:

Sleep in healthy subjects and clinical populations (ADHD, early onset shizophrenia, sleep disordered breathing, mental retardation) in relation to:
– development/brain maturation
– synaptic plasticity
– learning&memory
– cognition
– genetics
Manipulation of human sleep with radiofrequency electromagnetic fields
Sleep, behaviour and developement in rodents

Human studies
– high density EEG
– anatomical/structural MR
– different learning tasks (e.g. Motor Task Manager, Motor sequence learning)
– IQ measures
– Different questionnaires

Animal studies
– ECoG
– Histology


  • Title:  PhD, MD Name:  Giulio Tononi Position:  Institution:  Email: 
  • Title:  PhD, MD Name:  Marcello Massimini Position:  Institution:  Email: 
  • Title:  PhD Name:  Peter Achermann Position:  Institution:  Email: 
  • Title:  PhD, MD Name:  Oskar Jenni Position:  Institution:  Email: 
  • Title:  MD Name:  Bernhard Schmitt Position:  Institution:  Email: 
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