Pediatric Sleep Center – Sapienza University

Pediatric Sleep Center - Sapienza University

Dept. Social and Developmental Psychology

Pediatric Sleep Center

Contact: Oliviero  
Position: Director
Address: Via dei Marsi 78, 00185
City: Roma
Country: Italy
Contact Email: Contact laboratory
KEYWORDS: Sleep Physiology-Neurophysiology in Human, Paediatric Sleep Disorders, Behavioural Sleep Disorders, Neurological Sleep Disorders


Laboratory Description:

Research areas: pediatric sleep medicine, insomnia, narcolepsy, OSA, RLS in children.
Availability of the following instruments:
40 channels PSG with video (Embla N7000)
34 channels ambulatory PSG (Embla Titanium)
Ambulatory cardiorespiratory devices (Nox Medical T3, Embletta)
Actigraphy (AMI)

Additional Descriptors, Keywords:

sleep, children, infants, insomnia, movement disorders during sleep, epilepsy, parasomnias

KEY Publications of the Laboratory:

Sleep Physiology-Neurophysiology in Human
Paediatric Sleep Disorders
Behavioural Sleep Disorders
Neurological Sleep Disorders


  • Title:  MD Name:  Raffaele Ferri Position:  Institution: OASI Institute, Troina, Italy Email: 
  • Title:  MD Name:  Giuseppe Plazzi Position:  Institution: Università di Bologna, Italy Email: 
  • Title:  MD Name:  Daniel Picchietti Position:  Institution: Carle University, Indiana (USA) Email: