HUMAN RESEARCH, Institute for Health Technology an

HUMAN RESEARCH, Institute for Health Technology an

Inst. f. Health Technology and Prevention Research

HUMAN RESEARCH, Institute for Health Technology an

Contact: Maximilian  
Position: CEO
Address: Franz-Pichler-Strasse 30, 8160
City: Weiz
Country: Austria
Contact Email: Contact laboratory
RESEARCH DOMAIN: Basic Human, Methodology / Technology
KEYWORDS: Biological Rhythms, Sleep Physiology-Neurophysiology in Human, Sleep and Body Functions (Cardio-Respiratory, Thermoregulation/Metabolism, Endocrine), Instrumentation-Methodology


Laboratory Description:

algorithm development and modeling in functional physiology, stress state and recovery ability, extracting sleep phases and sleep stages by HRV, contact-free methods.

KEY Publications of the Laboratory:

Moser, M., R. Penter, et al. (2006). “Why life oscillates–biological rhythms and health.” Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 1: 424-8.

Seebauer, M., M. Fruhwirth, et al. (2002). “Changes of respiratory sinus arrhythmia during the menstrual cycle depend on average heart rate.” Eur J Appl Physiol 87(4-5): 309-14.

Lehofer, M., M. Moser, et al. (1999). “Influence of age on the parasympatholytic property of tricyclic antidepressants.” Psychiatry Res 85(2): 199-207.

Moser, M., M. Lehofer, et al. (1998). “Increased heart rate in depressed subjects in spite of unchanged autonomic balance?” J Affect Disord 48(2-3): 115-24.

Liebmann, P. M., G. Reibnegger, et al. (1998). “Circadian rhythm of the soluble p75 tumor necrosis factor (sTNF-R75) receptor in humans–a possible explanation for the circadian kinetics of TNR-alpha effects.” Int Immunol 10(9): 1393-6.

Lehofer, M., P. M. Liebmann, et al. (1998). “Nervousness and pain sensitivity: I. A positive correlation.” Psychiatry Res 79(1): 51-3.

Liebmann, P. M., M. Lehofer, et al. (1998). “Nervousness and pain sensitivity: II. Changed relation in ex-addicts as a predictor for early relapse.” Psychiatry Res 79(1): 55-8.


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