SmartSleep Lab – University of Eastern Finland

SmartSleep Lab - University of Eastern Finland

Department of Applied Physics

SmartSleep Lab

Contact: Timo  
Position: Adjunct Professor
Address: Yliopistonranta 1
City: Kuopio
Country: Finland
Contact Email: Contact laboratory
RESEARCH DOMAIN: Methodology / Technology, Clinical
KEYWORDS: Neurological Sleep Disorders, Behavioural Sleep Disorders, Sleep and Body Functions (Cardio-Respiratory, Thermoregulation/Metabolism, Endocrine), Sleep and Ageing, Sleep and Medical Disorders, Instrumentation-Methodology


Laboratory Description:

The lab and research group were established in 2017 and are run by co-heads Docent Timo Leppänen, Docent Sami Myllymaa, and Professor Juha Töyräs. The lab and research group are operating at the Department of Applied Physics, University of Eastern Finland and at the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, The University of Queensland in a close collaboration with the Diagnostic Imaging Center, Kuopio University Hospital. In our research group, national and international collaboration has a key role to play. The research group offers an inspiring, active, and youthful working environment. The group conducts globally known and recognized research related to the development of diagnostics of obstructive sleep apnea.

Our research group has developed novel computational solutions for a more accurate diagnosis of sleep apnea, investigating the relationship between the severity of individual respiratory events and the severity of sleep apnea, and developing novel wearable technologies for self-applicable monitoring of sleep disturbances. We have developed machine learning based approaches for estimation of sleep apnea severity, assessment of sleep apnea-related daytime sleepiness, and automatic detection of sleep stages. We have also commercialized an easy-to-use forehead electrode set (Bittium BrainStatus™, Bittium Corp., Oulu, Finland) for recording of EEG.


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