Sleep and Epilepsy Unit, Gregorio Marañón University Hospital- Complutense University of Madrid (UCM)

Clinical Neurophysiology

Rosa Peraita-Adrados
Head Sleep Unit
Dr. Esquerdo, 46, 28007
+34 91 4265187; +34
+34 91 5868018
Research Domain
  • Clinical
  • Sleep and Medical Disorders
  • Genetics of Sleep
  • Paediatric Sleep Disorders
  • Neurological Sleep Disorders
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10th Edition Master online Sleep: Physiology and Medicine (in Spanish and Portuguese):

Laboratory description

Sleep and respiration ontogeny
SIDS, ALTE (arousal mechanisms, CAP)
OSA in children (comorbidities)
OSA in adults. CPAP and BiPAP titration.
Nocturnal seizures in children
Parasomnias. RSBD
Hypersomnias of central origin: Kleine-Levin Syndrome
Narcolepsy-Cataplexy (Genetics, immunogenetics, comorbidities)
Sleep and Multiple Sclerosis
RLS in blood donors
RLS and Hyperferritinemia; RLS and DIOS
video-PSG (VPSG)

Additional Descriptors, Keywords

EEG, Video-EEG; Video-Polysomnography, MSLT
Circadian sleep disorders: shift workers

Key Publications of the Laboratory:
infant, cyclic alternating pattern, arousal, sleep,apparent life-epilepsy in chilhood, nocturnal frontal lobe seizures (NFLE), parasomnias, sleep disorders, video-EEG-PSG recordings, threatening event, child development, clinical neurophysiology,
high serum ferritin, normal iron, periodic leg movements (PLMS), RLS, video-polisomnography, chilhood and adolescent sporadic narcolepsy-cataplexy, diagnosis,treatment, familial narcolepsy-cataplexy, genetics, Kleine-Levin Syndrome, immunogenetics.


Title:  PhD MD

Name:  Antonio Vela-Bueno

Position:  Professor of Psychiatry

Institution:  Autonomous University of Madrid

Title:  PhD MD

Name:  Marisa Pedemonte

Position:  Professor of Physiology

Institution:  CLAEH School of Medicine and Directyor Sleep Disorders Center, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Title:  PhD MD

Name:  Hyun Hor

Position:  Postdoctoral fellow

Institution:  Center for Genomics Regulation. Barcelona

Title:  PhD MD

Name:  Luis Gutierrez-Solana

Position:  Head Neuropediatric Division

Institution:  Division of Neuropediatrics. University Hospital "Niño Jesús", Madrid

Title:  PhD MD

Name:  Silvia Miano

Position:  Research

Institution:  1Department of Pediatrics, Sleep Disease Centre, University of Rome La Sapienza-S. Andrea Hospital, Rome, Italy

Title:  PhD

Name:  José-Luis Vicario

Position:  Head Histocompatibility Laboratory

Institution:  Histocompatibility, Blood Center of the Community of Madrid

Title:  PhD

Name:  Mehdi Tafti

Position:  Professor of Genetics

Institution:  Center for Integrative Genomics (CIG) University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Title:  PhD MD

Name:  Celso Arango

Position:  Professor of Psychiatry

Institution:  Adolescents Unit- Psyuchiatry Department-University Hospital Gregorio Marañón

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