Laboratoire de sommeil, Geneva University Hospital (HUG)

Spécialités Médicales

Vicente IBANEZ
Médecin Adjoint Agrégé
Chemin du Petit Bel-Air 2, 1225
+41 22 3055337
+41 22 3055343
Research Domain
  • Clinical
  • Neurological Sleep Disorders
  • Sleep and Psychiatry-Personality Disorders
  • Sleep and Medical Disorders

Laboratory description

The sleep laboratory at the University Hospital of Geneva has as the main mission the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

The current research projects concern insomnia and excessive daytime sleepiness, by studying oscillatory neuronal activity.

The main techniques used for projects are EEG devices and psycho-physiological tools.

Additional Descriptors, Keywords

Attention, aging, depression, sleep apnea.

Key Publications of the Laboratory:
1 Sforza E., Jouny C., Ibanez V. Time-dependent variation in cerebral and autonomic activity during periodic leg movements in sleep: implications for arousal mechanisms. Clin Neurophysiol 2002; 113: 883-891.

2 Sforza E, Jouny C, Ibanez V. Time course of arousal response during periodic leg movements in patients with periodic leg movements and restless legs syndrome. Clin Neurophysiol 2003;114:1116–24.

3 Lavoie S., De Bilbao F., Haba-rubio J., Ibanez V., Sforza E.. Influence of sleep stage and wakefulness on spectral EEG activity and heart rate variations around periodic leg movements. Clinical Neurophysiol. 2004; 115, 2236-2246.

4 Haba-Rubio J, Janssens J-P, Rochat T, Sforza E. Rapid eye movement-related disordered breathing: clinical and polysomnographic features. Chest 2005;128:3350–7.

5 Sforza E, Pichot V, Cervena K, Barthélémy J-C, Roche F. Cardiac variability and heart-rate increment as a marker of sleep fragmentation in patients with a sleep disorder: a preliminary study. Sleep 2007;30:43–51.

6 Cervena K, Espa F, Perogamvros L, Perrig S, Merica H, Ibañez V. Spectral analysis of the sleep onset period in primary insomnia. Clin Neurophysiol 2014;125:979–87.

7 Perogamvros L, Pépin J-L, Thorens G, Mégevand P, Claudel E, Espa F, et al. Baclofen-Associated Onset of Central Sleep Apnea in Alcohol Use Disorder: A Case Report. Respiration 2015;90:507–11.


Title:  MD

Name:  Jean-Louis Pepin

Position:  physician (pneumologist)

Institution:  University Hospital of Grenoble

Title:  PhD

Name:  Natalie Darchia

Position:  Professor, Research senior

Institution:  University of Georgia

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