Sleep Disorders Unit, Dept of Thoracic Medicine, U, Medical School/ University of Crete, Greece

Thoracic Medicine/ Medical School

Sophia E Schiza
Assistant Professor of Thoracic Medicine
Voutes/1352, 71110
Heraklion, Crete
+30 2810 392433
+30 2810 542650
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Research Domain
  • Clinical
  • Basic Human
  • Molecular Biology-Endocrinology-Biochemistry
  • Sleep and Medical Disorders
  • Epidemiology of Sleep

Laboratory description

Domain research areas are: a)cardiological consequences of sleep breathing disorders (oxidative stress, endothelial dysfunction, inflamation), b) erectile dysfunction in patients with sleep breathing disorders, c) mechanisms affecting sleep in patients hospitalized in Acute Coronary Units, d) influence of sex and aging in diagnosis, natural history and in the cardiological consequences in patients with sleep breathing disorders, e) the role of Mediterranean diet and exercise as an adjuntive therapy in sleep apnea patients, particulary in inflamatory response, f) idiopathic fibrosis and sleep apnea, incidence, pathogenetic mechanisms and treatment adherence

Key Publications of the Laboratory:
1. Atrial overdrive pacing for the obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome. Simantirakis EN, Schiza SE, Chrysostomakis SI, Chlouverakis GI, Klapsinos NC, Siafakas NM, Vardas PE. N Engl J Med. 2005 Dec 15;353(24):2568-77
2. C-reactive protein evolution in obstructive sleep apnoea patients under CPAP therapy.Schiza SE, Mermigkis C, Panagiotis P, Bouloukaki I, Kallergis E, Tzanakis N, Tzortzaki E, Vlachaki E, Siafakas NM. Eur J Clin Invest. 2010 Nov;40(11):968-75
3. Evidence of dysregulated affect indicated by high alexithymia in obstructive sleep apnea. Nikolaou A, Schiza SE, Chatzi L, Koudas V, Fokos S, Solidaki E, Bitsios P.
J Sleep Res. 2011 Mar;20(1 Pt 1):92-100
4. Utility of formulas predicting the optimal nasal continuous positive airway pressure in a Greek population.
Schiza SE, Bouloukaki I, Mermigkis C, Panagou P, Tzanakis N, Moniaki V, Tzortzaki E, Siafakas NM. Sleep Breath. 2011 Sep;15(3):417-23
5.Pupil miosis within 5 minutes in darkness is a valid and sensitive quantitative measure of alertness: application in daytime sleepiness associated with sleep apnea. Bitsios P, Schiza SE, Giakoumaki SG, Savidou K, Alegakis AK, Siafakas N. Sleep. 2006 Nov;29(11):1482-8
6. Sleep patterns in patients with acute coronary syndromes.
Schiza SE, Simantirakis E, Bouloukaki I, Mermigkis C, Arfanakis D, Chrysostomakis S, Chlouverakis G, Kallergis EM, Vardas P, Siafakas NM. Sleep Med. 2010 Feb;11(2):149-53
7. Prediction of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in a large Greek population. Bouloukaki I, Kapsimalis F, Mermigkis C, Kryger M, Tzanakis N, Panagou P, Moniaki V, Vlachaki EM, Varouchakis G, Siafakas NM, Schiza SE. Sleep Breath. 2010 Sep 25
8. Severe bradyarrhythmias in patients with sleep apnoea: the effect of continuous positive airway pressure treatment: a long-term evaluation using an insertable loop recorder. Simantirakis EN, Schiza SI, Marketou ME, Chrysostomakis SI, Chlouverakis GI, Klapsinos NC, Siafakas NS, Vardas PE. Eur Heart J. 2004 Jun;25(12):1070-6
9. Effect of Mediterranean diet on lipid peroxidation marker TBARS in obese patients with OSAHS under CPAP treatment: a randomised trial. Papandreou C, Schiza SE, Tzatzarakis MN, Kavalakis M, Hatzis CM, Tsatsakis AM, Kafatos AG, Siafakas NM, Tzanakis NE. Sleep Breath. 2011 Sep 15
10. CRP evolution pattern in CPAP-treated obstructive sleep apnea patients. Does gender play a role? Mermigkis C, Bouloukaki I, Mermigkis D, Kallergis E, Mavroudi E, Varouchakis G, Tzortzaki E, Siafakas N, Schiza SE. Sleep Breath. 2011 Sep 1


Title:  PhD MD

Name:  Nikos Tzanakis

Position:  Associate Professore of Epidemiology

Institution:  Medical School, University of Crete, Greece

Title:  PhD MD

Name:  Eleni Tzortzaki

Position:  Assistant Professor of Thoracic Medicine

Institution:  Dept of Molecular Biology, dept of Thoracic Medicine, University of Crete, Greece

Title:  PhD MD

Name:  Eleutherios M Kallergis

Position:  Consultant of Cardiology and Arrythiology Dept

Institution:  Cardiology Departement, University Hospital of Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Title:  PhD MD

Name:  Emmanuel Simantirakis

Position:  Assistant Professor of Cardiology

Institution:  Cardiology dept, University Hospital of Heraclion, Crete, Greece

Title:  PhD MD

Name:  Charalampos Mermigkis

Position:  Head of Sleep Disorders Unit

Institution:  401 Military Hospital, Athens

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