December 2018 – Letter from the President

Published in ESRS Newsletter December 2018

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Society had another highly successful Congress in Basel during last September and I congratulate and thank all those involved in the organisation and delivery of an excellent scientific and social programme. The attendance was close to our record in Bologna and the scientific content was excellent with outstanding original basic and clinical science in addition to a broad range of symposia that covered most aspects of sleep medicine and science. The Congress Centre worked very well and shows how the close proximity of all activities promotes networking and scientific interaction.  The feedback to me from those in attendance was universally positive.

The Basel Congress included a significant change in the poster sessions which were all held in the late morning and were grouped into themes with Discussion Leaders appointed to groups of posters who led walks through each section to facilitate discussion with the poster presenters. This format proved popular, although the timing led to some inevitable conflicts with other scientific activities.

I’m pleased to see the Web Committee making excellent progress under the leadership of our Web Co-ordinator, Bogdan Voinescu, and the revamped ESRS website is now close to completion. I look forward to the formal launch shortly, and am confident that the new website will be very helpful in fostering interaction among members, and will also allow much of the Society business to operate online. The website should also facilitate better feedback from members regarding practical issues such as format and content of the ESRS Congress, etc.

The Society is now in a healthy financial position and the improved resources should facilitate increased activities of ESRS Committees, which I strongly encourage. The level of administrative support is now inadequate for the increasing activities of the Society across a wide range of areas including Society business, education and certification, advocacy, publications, the website, additional satellite meetings, etc., and this aspect requires urgent review. These positive developments represent an important challenge for the Board over the next two years, which underpin the core objective of promoting ESRS as the principal voice of sleep medicine and science throughout Europe.

I wish all members a happy and peaceful Christmas and a successful 2019.

Walter McNicholas
ESRS President

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January 16th, 2019
January 16th, 2019