Dr. Anna Magdalena Biller

Postdoctoral Researcher in Chronobiology and Health

Technical University of Munich

Anna Magdalena Biller, PhD, is a Postdoctoral researcher in Chronobiology and Health at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Her research focuses on healthy light exposure, circadian/sleep health and how to design and evaluate interventions to support this on a personalised level. She teaches courses on Introduction to Health Psychology and Chronobiology at undergraduate and graduate level.

Anna gained her BSc in Psychology with Clinical Psychology from University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, and received a MSc in Neurosciences from University College London, UK. During her PhD, Anna’s research focused on the effect of delayed and flexible school start times on adolescents’ sleep and health. In 2021, she successfully defended her Doctoral thesis which was supervised by Prof. Till Roenneberg at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, Germany.

Apart from the ESRS, Anna is also a member of several other societies including the German Sleep Medicine Society (DGSM), the Sleep Research Society (SRS), the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms (SRBR), the European Biological Rhythms Society (EBRS) and the German Society for Psychology (DGPs). Outside of work, Anna is a mountain and air rescue specialist and a passionate alpinist and skier. She also enjoys science communication and educating schools, teachers and parents about the importance of sleep.

Anna was also a member of the Trainee Board of the EBRS before joining the ESRS ECRN committee in 2022 during Sleep Europe in Athens. Anna’s contribution as part of the ECRN focuses on sustainability issues to support the 2022-2024 ESRS motto: together for a sustainable future.