Dr. Marie-Pia d’Ortho

Head of Department
Department of Physiology – Functional Explorations
Bichat University Hospital

Marie-Pia d’Ortho, MD PhD, is Head of Department of Physiology – Functional Explorations at Bichat University Hospital in Paris France, since 2014 and Head of Bichat Sleep Centre since 2008. Prior to this, she was head of Sleep Center in University Hospital in Creteil, France (1989-2008).

She was a Professor in Physiology at Creteil Medical School (2003-2008) then at Denis Diderot – Paris 7 University since 2008. She was graduate (MD), specialized in pneumology, at Paris Ouest Medical School in 1994. She received her PhD degree in 1994 and was post-doctorant student in cell and molecular biology in Cambridge (1994-1996). She received the Sleep and wake inter-university Diploma, Creteil University, in 1997, and the diploma “Habilitation à diriger les recherches” (habilitation for heading research projects) in 2001.

She served as vice-president of the French Sleep Society from 2007 to 2009, and as president from 2009 to 2011. She has also published 6 book chapters, 82 papers in peer-review journals, and was certified as Somnologist, expert in Sleep Medicine, in the first examination organized by ESRS in 2013.

Currently she serves as member of Sleep Medicine Committee of ESRS.