Associate society membership

  • Associate society membership is open to European national sleep societies. These societies form the Assembly of National Sleep Societies (ANSS) include one representative from each National society. This assembly determines its own articles based on the following principles: (a) The ANSS meets at least every second year during the ESRS congresses; (b) The ANSS elects a committee of 5 representatives from National sleep societies that determine a chair and a co-chair; (c) This ANSS executive committee proposes one member to the ESRS board as a full board member; (d) The ANSS fixes annual fees to be paid by every associate society member. These fees, paid to the ESRS treasurer, are used for expenses of the ANSS.
  • Applications of national sleep societies are directed to the ESRS board; decisions regarding membership are made on an individual basis.
  • Individuals who belong to the ESRS through their national sleep societies will have access to the newsletter, webpage and a wide range of information and educational programs available within the ESRS.
  • This membership does not include individual access to the Journal of Sleep Research or voting rights. Therefore, individuals who wish to receive this publication, or have active or passive voting rights should become full ESRS members.
  • List of national sleep societies that are associate society members.
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