British Sleep Society: Impact of Covid-19 on UK Sleep Services


A Service Evaluation of the Impact of Covid-19 on Sleep Services in the UK

A brief survey was published by the British Sleep Society earlier this year:

“Anecdotal evidence suggests the current pandemic has had a significant impact on the provision of sleep services in the UK. The British Sleep Society is interested in determining the breadth and scope of this impact. We also aim to look at how services have adapted to the challenges associated with Covid-19 in order to identify innovative strategies and potentially new ways of working going forward. Our overall plan is to identify how the crisis has impact on UK services and compile a series of best practice examples and innovative solutions in order to help our members adapt to the ‘new normal’.”

–The British Sleep Society

The findings of the BSS National Audit showed a significant and negative impact on sleep service provisions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The full results of the audit now available here.