Candidates for the ESRS Board and Scientific Committee 2022 – 2024

In the course of the upcoming Business Meeting on Thursday, 29 September 2022, at Sleep Europe 2022 in Athens, Greece, new members for the Board and Scientific Committee will need to be elected.

All ESRS members were invited to nominate candidates according to the rules established by the Bylaws. The following nominations were received by the Secretary by the deadline of 14 September 2022.

Board Members to Renew a 2-year Term in the Same Position

Position: President
Candidate: Pierre-Hervé Luppi, France
Previous Activities in the ESRS:

  • ESRS Secretary 2018 – 2020 
  • ESRS Vice-President Basic 2014 – 2018 
  • ESRS Secretary 2012 – 2014 
  • Research Networking Committee Coordinator 2014 – 2018 
  • Research Networking Committee Member 2012 – 2014 
  • ESRS ANSS EU Committee Member 2014 – 2018 
  • Education Committee Member 2012 – 2020 
  • Web Committee Member since 2018 

Position: Vice-President Clinical
Candidate: Dirk Pevernagie, Belgium
Previous Activities in the ESRS:

  • Sleep Medicine Committee Chair 2020 – 2022
  • Sleep Medicine Committee Member since 2012
  • Delegate Co-opted to the ESRS board from the Assembly of National Sleep Societies 2006 – 2010
  • Education Committee Member since 2012

Position: Secretary
Candidate: Erna Sif Arnardottir, Iceland
Previous Activities in the ESRS:

  • Sleep Revolution Lead
  • Sleep Medicine Committee Member since 2014
  • Assembly of National Sleep Societies Executive Committee Member 2014- 2020
  • Coordinated the launch of the ESRS Early Career Research Network in 2014, chairing the network for the first 3 years

Position: Assistant Secretary
Candidate: Giuseppe Plazzi, Italy
Previous Activities in the ESRS:

  • European Narcolepsy Network Vice President
  • Research Network Committee Member since 2020
  • Sleep Medicine Committee Co-Chair since 2020

Position: Treasurer
Candidate: Hans-Peter Landolt, Switzerland
Previous Activities in the ESRS:

  • ESRS Treasurer 2016 – 2022
  • Scientific Committee Member 2004 – 2008
  • Co-organizer of the 3rd European Course in Basic and Clinical Sleep Research in Zürich 2005
  • Site leader of the EU-ESRS „Marie Curie“ – Project Training in Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine 2007 – 2010

New Board Candidate

Position: Vice-President Basic
Candidate: Vladyslav Vyazovskiy, United Kingdom
Previous Activities in the ESRS:

  • Scientific Committee Co-Chair 2018 – 2022

Scientific Committee Members to Renew a 2-year Term

Candidate: Christian Baumann, Switzerland
Full Professor of Neurology, Sleep and Movement Disorders Units, Department of Neurology, University of Zürich
Expertise: Translational Research
Fields of Interest: neurology, sleep medicine & movement disorders, deep brain stimulation, relationship between neurodegenerative disease & sleep, relationship between traumatic brain injury & sleep, narcolepsy and other hypersomnia disorders

Candidate: Nayantara Santhi, United Kingdom
Associate Professor in Psychology, Northumbria University
Expertise: Basic Human
Fields of Interest: chronobiology, sleep, cognitive neuroscience, circadian and sleep regulation in cognition, nonvisual photoreception, sleep and circadian rhythms in Parkinson’s Disease, sex differences in sleep and circadian rhythms and wearable technology

Candidate: Kai Spiegelhalder, Germany
Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Medical Centre – University of Freiburg
Expertise: Human Clinical
Fields of Interest: psychiatric sleep research, insomnia

New Scientific Committee Candidates

Candidate: Ellemarije Altena, France
Associate Professor, Aquitaine Institute for Cognitive and Integrative Neuroscience (INCIA), Université de Bordeaux
Expertise: Basic Human
Fields of Interest: insomnia, fMRI, cognition, CBT-I

Candidate: Ozen Basoglu, Turkey
Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Ege University Faculty of Medicine
Expertise: Respiratory
Fields of Interest: sleep-disordered breathing, obstructive sleep apnea, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, PAP treatment, NIV treatment

Candidate: Christine Blume, Switzerland
Postdoc, Centre for Chronobiology, University of Basel
Expertise: Basic Human
Fields of Interest: sleep, chronobiology, light, biological rhythms, consciousness, cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia

Candidate: Virginie Gabel, France
Postdoctoral fellow, UFR Sante – Laboratoire COMETE, Université de Caen
Expertise: Basic Human
Fields of Interest: circadian rhythms, light, sleep/wake cycle, temperature, extreme environments

Candidate: Lisa Genzel, The Netherlands
Associate Professor, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Radboud University
Expertise: Basic Human
Fields of Interest: basic animal and human, sleep, memory, plasticity, schema, behaviour

Candidate: Timo Leppänen, Finland
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Physics, University of Eastern Finland
Expertise: Respiratory
Fields of Interest: sleep apnea, sleep, machine learning, biosignal analyses, wearables

Candidate: An Mariman, Belgium
Psychiatrist, Psychiatry and Center for Integrative Medicine, Ghent University and University Hospital
Expertise: Psychiatry
Fields of Interest: insomnia, non-restorative sleep, fatigue, chronic pain, liaison psychiatry and sleep

Candidate: Carolin Reichert, Switzerland
Deputy Head, Postdoctoral researcher and clinical psychologist, Centre for Chronobiology, University of Basel
Expertise: Basic Human
Fields of Interest: interaction of sleep homeostasis x circadian mechanisms, neuroimaging of sleep-wake regulation, development of human sleep-wake regulation, interaction of reward processing and sleep-wake regulation, treatment of sleep-wake regulation in patients suffering from insomnia and depression

Candidate: Alessandro Silvani, Italy
Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences-Physiology, University of Bologna
Expertise: Basic Animal
Fields of Interest: orexin, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, cardiovascular, electromyography

Candidate: Karen Spruyt, France
CR INSERM, Neuro Diderot – INSERM, Université de Paris
Expertise: Paediatrics
Fields of Interest: paediatric sleep, child neurodevelopment, clinical psychology, neuroscience, statistics

Candidate: Eva Winnebeck, United Kingdom
Affiliation: Lecturer in Chronobiology, School of Biosciences and Medicine, University of Surrey

Expertise: Basic Human
Fields of Interest: chronobiology, NREM-REM cycles, actigraphy, big data