Call for effective members to join a new taskforce in the Gender Equality Forum (GEF)


Women in science provide invaluable contributions to advance the research field of sleep and beyond. An increasing number of women peruse a PhD in science and yet, women are still underrepresented when it comes to permanent, and leading academic positions in research. The European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) recognizes that gender equality in science is a vital and global goal that concerns and benefits everyone.

For that purpose, the ESRS established the Forum for Women in Sleep Research in 2000. This Forum has been founded and led by many great women, and most recently been headed by Prof. Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer. After several years of invaluable contribution, Prof. Winsky-Sommerer will hand over the task to a new chair. We thank her very much for her dedication.

The ESRS has nominated Dr. Caroline Lustenberger as the new head of this Forum. Dr. Lustenberger is a SNSF Ambizione group leader at the ETH Zurich, where she develops advanced tools for sleep brain activity modulation and currently studies the role of sleep slow waves in cardiovascular health in humans. Dr. Lustenberger believes open and inclusive exchange among scientists is essential to tear down barriers that hinder gender equality. Achieving gender equality is not just a matter of equity but will optimize innovation, encourage new solutions, and expand the scope of research. This will not only benefit women but all of us. The ESRS shares these thoughts and we are looking forward to working with her on promoting gender equality.

To emphasize our inclusivity and diversity strategy we have decided to rename the Forum for Women in Sleep Research to Gender Equality Forum (GEF). In addition, we are excited to announce that we are looking for effective members to join the new core taskforce of the ESRS GEF.


Mission of the GEF:

The GEF mission is to identify specific areas where gender equality has not yet been achieved and to develop strategies to tackle these areas in a combined effort. The core task force team will define the scope and roadmap of the GEF and develop an action plan that strategically targets areas of gender in-equality at ESRS and beyond.


Main duties & responsibilities:

  • To actively take part in the development of the GEF scope, roadmap, and the action plan that identifies barriers of gender equality in sleep research and defines strategies to tackle these barriers
  • To regularly participate in bi-monthly meetings
  • To actively engage in the organization and planning of digital events, workshops, visibility tasks (a few hours of work per month including meetings)


The ideal member should be:

  • Enthusiastic and excited in developing strategies to establish gender equality and the promotion of diversity withing the ESRS and beyond
  • Open-minded and inclusive
  • Comfortable to speak up about hurdles that hinder gender equality
  • Willing to regularly participate in meetings and able to adhere to schedules
  • Actively contribute to listed duties and take over task responsibilities within the GEF


Gender equality does not only concern young women and we believe that a diverse task-force including members of both genders, at different levels of their careers, and from different countries will be an important step to shape change in such a crucial global topic.

If you are an ESRS member and interested to be part of this taskforce, please submit a brief CV (max 2 pages) and a short letter of motivation, underlining why you are interested to be part of this taskforce and how you hope to help contribute to the ESRS GEF and promote gender-quality.


Please submit your application documents to esrs@esrs.eu by the deadline 31-July 2021.