Virtual Master in Sleep Medicine at the Sleep Institute & European University of Madrid (March 2021-January 2022)


The Sleep institute, in collaboration with the European University of Madrid, has developed a completely online master in sleep medicine, which also serves as a preparation tool for students who plan to take the European ESRS (Europe Sleep Research Society) validation test. Once completed, students have the possibility of doing an internship at any of our clinics, whether it is in Spain, Chile, or Panama, always under the direction and supervision of Dr. Diego García-Borreguero, member of the ESRS Examination Committee in Sleep Medicine.

This is a well-rounded master in sleep medicine, lasting 11 months (60 ECTS credits), which will incorporate great specialists from each area of this field, and will have the guarantee/count on the European University of Madrid, a quality seal that will give a versatile and dynamic format as well as a complete so that the students experience is the best possible, all through its well-known virtual campus.

Among the professors/teaching staff, we will count on the participation of great international experts such as Prof L. de Lecea (Stanford University,Palo Alto, EEUU), Prof.Dr. G.J. Lammers (Leiden UniversityNetherlands), Prof. C. Espie (Universidad de Oxford, GB), Prof.Dr. Debra J. Skene (Surrey University, GB), Prof. F. Provini (University of Bologna, Italy), Prof M. Zucconi (San Rafaelle University, Milan, Italy), Prof. D. Rosen , Boston´s Children Hospital, Harvard University, Massachussets, USA), as well as Spanish professors such as Prof J. Durán (Univ. del País Vasco), and Prof. A. Iranzo (Univ. de Barcelona). These professionals are all top international figures in their respective areas of expertise, several of them being co-authors of the textbook that will serve as the basis of this master program. All of them will be giving online classes in which students will have the opportunity to interact with them.

  • Duration: 11 months total. Including internship time, final thesis, and 9 months of lectures (syllabus)
  • Academic Calendar: approximately from March 1st , 2021 until January 31st, 2022
  • Language: Primarily in Spanish with some webinars and masterclasses in English.
  • Modality/Mode: Completely On-line
  • In coordination with/Coordination with:
    • Universidad Europea (España)
    • Instituto del Sueño (España, Chile, Panamá)
  • Title/ Acreditation/ Degree:
    • Own degree issued by the European University (Madrid) “Master in Sleep Medicine”
    • The Master also involves preparation for the theoretical part of the European ESRS (European Certificate in Somnology) exam.
  • Program Director:
    • Dr. Diego García-Borreguero, Sleep Institute
  • Program Coordinator:
    • Dra. Celia García Malo, Sleep Institute
    • Dra. Irene Cano Pumarega, Sleep Institute
  • Academic director: Beatriz Gal Iglesias
  • Methodology: Classes will be held online. These classes will be recorded and made available for students who wish to consult them at any time throughout the masters program. In addition, on a monthly basis, there will be webinars conducted by international experts, some of which will be in English. The program will follow the index and syllabus of the ESRS Sleep Medicine Textbook. You can purchase the book at https://esrs.eu/product/sleep-medicine-textbook-non-members/
  • Credits: 60 ECTS credits. 48 ECTS credits correspond to the syllabus and theoretical classes, another 6 ECTS credits are assigned to the completion of the master’s final thesis, and the remaining 6 ECTS credits to the internship
  • Internship:
    • The program includes a total of 48 hour-long internship
    • Students who wish to prepare for the European sleep exam, a qualification offered by the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS https://esrs.eu/), have the possibility of doing a year-long internship at any of the three Sleep Institute clinics associated with the program (Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Panama), for an additional cost of 300 euros / month
  • Price:
    • Registration and spot reservation: 715.00 Euros. This amount corresponds to 10% of the Masters total cost.
    • Teaching: 6,436 Euros. This includes university fees, and both the cost of issuing and shipping the European University degree to your home.
  • Requirements: Any graduate or graduate preferably in health sciences.
  • Registration formalization: up to 27 days before the start of the course (until February 2nd, 2021)

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