Press Release: EPA-ESRS meeting at EPA Congress 2024


ESRS and EPA Strengthen Ties to Improve Sleep

Regensburg, Germany – 22 April 2024 – The European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) and the European Psychiatric Association (EPA) have solidified their dedication to cooperation and shared goals with the formal signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 8 April 2024. The ceremony took place amidst the lively ambiance of the 32nd European Congress of Psychiatry in Budapest, Hungary.

Prior to the signing, leaders from both organizations came together to explore avenues of collaboration and align their perspectives. Prof. Geert Dom, President of EPA, engaged in constructive dialogues with ESRS President Dr. Pierre-Hervé Luppi and Prof. Dr. Tiina Paunio, Chair of the ESRS Education Committee, setting the stage for future joint endeavours.

The signing of the MoU symbolizes a joint commitment to advancing shared objectives and promoting synergy between the two associations. This significant event underscores the importance of collaboration in driving progress within the realms of mental health and sleep research.

A highlight of the collaboration was the well-attended joint symposium titled “Improved Sleep for Better Mood and Emotion Regulation.” This symposium underscored the interconnectedness of mental health and sleep research, emphasizing the critical role that sleep plays in regulating mood and emotions. The two societies are in the process of organising their next joint symposium to be held as part of the scientific programme of the Sleep Europe 2024 in Seville, Spain on 25 September.

Moving forward, ESRS and EPA look forward to leveraging their combined expertise and resources to address pressing issues at the intersection of mental health and sleep research. Through collaborative efforts, both organisations aim to enhance understanding, improve treatment outcomes, and ultimately, positively impact the well-being of individuals worldwide.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact: esrs@esrs.eu

About ESRS: The European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting research and education in the field of sleep medicine. With a diverse membership base spanning scientists, clinicians, and other professionals, ESRS strives to advance knowledge and understanding of sleep and its disorders.

About EPA: The European Psychiatric Association (EPA) is a leading association in the field of psychiatry, dedicated to promoting excellence in mental health care, research, and education. With a wide network of members across Europe and beyond, EPA works to foster collaboration and innovation in psychiatric practice and research.