President’s Message Archive

September 2020
Despite the  CoVID pandemic over recent months, preparations are now largely finalised for our first ESRS Virtual Congress during September

August 2020
While coping with the difficulties imposed by the CoVID pandemic over recent months, preparations are well advanced for our first ESRS Virtual Congress during September 22-24 and I’m very
grateful to my Board colleagues and the Scientific Committee for preparing a highly attractive programme at such short notice.

June 2020
Due to the lasting impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic and with it all the different restrictions, the ESRS board has decided to go fully virtual with this year’s ESRS congress
and ESRS Examination in Sleep Medicine edition.

December 2018
The Society had another highly successful Congress in Basel during last September and I congratulate and thank all those involved in the organisation and delivery of an excellent scientific and social programme.

August 2018
We are now rapidly approaching the dates of our Congress in Basel and all indications are that this will be a highly successful meeting. The registration statistics indicate that we are on track to approximate the record attendance at our last Congress in Bologna and the Scientific Programme promises a highly rewarding and varied content.

July 2018
I hope members are enjoying a relaxing summer and fine weather as a welcome change from the past winter.

March 2018
I write this message as we struggle through a major snowstorm that has affected much of Northern Europe and hopefully will represent the “last gasp” of winter.

November 2017
Following a relatively quiet summer period, the Society is increasingly active on several fronts. The most notable aspect relates to planning and preparation for the next ESRS Congress in Basel next September.

July 2017
I expect many people reading this newsletter are enjoying summer holidays and I wish everyone a relaxing vacation and opportunity to “recharge the batteries”. We live in interesting times, as the Chinese proverb states, which of course provides challenges but hopefully also opportunities.

March 2017
As we enter springtime, it is timely to look forward to plans and events for the coming year. The next event directly involving ESRS is the bi-annual Sleep and Breathing Conference, which will be held in Marseilles between April 6-8.

November 2016
I am very pleased and honoured to be writing this first message as President of the Society. I thank all members who supported my nomination and promise to work hard to promote our Society in all relevant areas of interest.

July 2016
Many of you may already be on vacation or preparing departure for a hammock-related area, while others have elected to hold the fort and continue working in the lab or the clinic.

April 2016
I was mentioning in the December 2015 letter that we are living in a difficult world exposed to various threats, including shocking terrorist attacks. Unfortunately this is not an obsolete statement.

December 2015
We are living in a difficult world exposed to various threats ranging from horrific terrorist attacks to dramatic climate changes, threats relayed and amplified by modern mass media.

July 2015
The beautiful month of July is once again upon us after a year filled to the brim with exciting new research themes, clinical activities and teaching in the sleep domain.

March 2015
Spring returns to Europe with this newsletter, a good omen if there ever was one! With it also comes the renewed pleasure of watching migratory birds return to nest in their unique habitats, preparing the future of the species.

November 2014
Our 22nd ESRS Congress was a huge success offering an ideal combination of high-level scientific quality in sleep research and clinical domains and extensive opportunities to network while discovering the beautiful city of Tallinn.

June 2014
Soon is coming the longest day of the year and with this light supply many of you already feel the perfume of well deserved vacations. Before enjoying sun, naps and fresh cocktails while finalizing pending manuscripts (or thinking about), please find enclosed a short intermediate version of the ESRS newsletter.

March 2014
One year ago at this same period, I was telling you that if the few months following our traditional ESRS congress were once upon a time a quiet period, the content of the March 2013 newsletter’s edition clearly demonstrated how the ESRS teams are working hard to the benefit of our society.

November 2013
First of all, welcome to the new members who joined ESRS and have been officially accepted since our last newsletter.

July 2013
First of all, let me with this summer ESRS newsletter wish you pleasant and well-deserved escapes after a busy year working in the sleep domain!

March 2013
If the few months following our traditional ESRS congress have once been a quiet period, this newsletter demonstrates that it is no longer the case and that the ESRS board and its associates are working hard to the benefit of our society!

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