Professor Fernando Reinoso-Suárez


Professor Fernando Reinoso-Suárez

Fernando Reinoso-Suárez, medical doctor and scientist, passed away in Madrid, May 5, at 92 years of age. He was at the time Emeritus Professor at the Autónoma University of Madrid, an institution that he helped create (he was its first Vice-Rector of Research), and in which he had been Professor of Anatomy and Neuroscience since 1969. He was an inspired teacher, mentor and researcher who modernized the training of medical students in anatomical sciences, helped organize and revolutionize the Medical School’ curriculum, including extensive integrated training in Neurobiology. He was the first President-Elect of the Spanish Society for Neuroscience.

With a profound knowledge of neuroanatomy, Dr. Reinoso incorporated every new technique that has been behind the extraordinary advancement of this field along the last decades of the XXth century. In parallel, by combining EEG recordings with anatomical techniques he contributed remarkable advances to our current knowledge of the neural structures and circuits responsible for the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. He was one of the European Sleep Research Society earliest members.

He was supportive and kind with his students and young colleagues, sparing no effort to help them bloom. A people man, and a family man, who had his wife and many children and grandchildren as his best prize in life. Don Fernando you will be missed dearly.

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