Sleep Science Friday: 2021 Sleep Science School – Application Is Open


23 April 2021

After two successful ESRS Sleep Science Schools, the third one will be taking place this year, 26 September to 1 October at the CNRS Villa Clythia site in the city of Frejus at the Mediterranean Sea (South France). These thematic schools aim to gather early career sleep scientists around different fundamental sleep topics. Themes already covered include Neural Networks in Sleep and Sleep & Aging.  

This year, the focus will be on The Functions of Sleep. 

The program will be highly proactive and aimed at a maximal involvement of participants. It will include in-depth lectures by a faculty of international sleep experts on topics related to the functions of sleep (both human and animal work), together with presentations and discussions of the participants’ own research. The agenda will also include interactive workshop sessions aimed at writing research grants and proposals, and in-depth exchanges between early career and experienced researchers. 

And most notably, after over one year of virtual meetings, webinars and conferences, how great will it be to come together once more LIVE in beautiful Frejus to learn from these confirmed faculty members: 

  • Lundgaard Iben (SW): Sleep, glymphatic system and detoxification  
  • Monika Schonauer (DE): Human sleep and memory consolidation  
  • Gabrielle Girardeau (FR): Mechanisms and functions of information processing and consolidation during sleep: animal studies  
  • Maria Robles (DE): Sleep and synaptic phosphorylation  
  • Tom Deboer (NL): Energy conservation, thermoregulation, and adenosine function
  • Pierrre-Hervé Luppi (FR): The function of REM sleep from birth to adulthood  
  • Vladyslav Vyazovskiy (UK): The mechanisms and functions of sleep homeostasis  
  • Philippe Peigneux (BE): Links and dissociations between sleep, fatigue, sleepiness and cognitive functioning 

These faculty members will be present during the entire weekThey will be actively participating in the group activities and will be available in between sessions (and over dinner) for theoretical and practical discussions. This level of interaction is invaluable, especially for early career researchers. 

Other benefits of attending are that you get to develop your knowledge even further, share your work and experiencemeet other experienced researchersdevelop future opportunities and create novel networks of excellence. 


Listen to Prof. Dr. Philippe Peigneux as he gives us even more insight on what to expect this year!


The deadline for application submission is Monday, May 31, 2021. For more information on who can apply and how to apply –  here are additional application details.  

Past participants have lauded previous Sleep Science Schools as one of the best experiences of their careers. And we anticipate that this third staging will be no different.  

We look forward to receiving your applications and welcoming you in Frejus! 


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