ESRS Survey: Share your Thoughts on the Journal of Sleep Research

JSR Survey

Scholarly publishing is undergoing rapid change, and the Journal of Sleep Research (JSR) is not immune to the challenges facing all journals. The ESRS-JSR Task Force is working to meet these challenges and to ensure the quality and sustainability of the society’s flagship journal – as well as its value to ESRS members.

The ESRS-JSR Task Force is keen to understand the opinions and needs of ESRS members, as well as the pressures they face in their journal publishing activities. To this end, the ESRS invites you to complete a short online survey:

Survey Description

Survey questions explore how and where you publish your work, your experiences of Open Access publishing, what you think the Journal of Sleep Research could do better, and journal publishing innovations. The ESRS-JSR Task Force will use this feedback to guide future plans for the journal.

The survey takes around 5–10 minutes to complete and is anonymous.

If you choose, you can enter a prize draw for one of five copies of the ESRS Sleep Medicine Textbook in a separate form at the end of the survey.

The ESRS Member Survey is open until 10 October 2023.

Dr. Landolt Message

Listen to Dr. Landolt describing the purpose and importance of this survey, not only to the ESRS members but all scientific community. By participating in this survey, you are helping us improving the JSR towards meeting your needs and expectations.

“Dr. Hans-Peter Landolt invites you to share your feedback about the Journal of Sleep Research and contribute to help us improve it”.

The ESRS welcomes your participation and thanks you for your input.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Landolt

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Landolt

Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Zurich (UZH), Switzerland. Research Director in Human Sleep Psychopharmacology, Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of UZH, Switzerland. ESRS Treasurer and ESRS-JSR Task Force Chair.

Recent publications from ESRS members

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  2. van der Hoeven et al. (2023). Applicability of the Sustained Attention to Response Task (SART) in hypersomnolence: Experience and results from a tertiary referral center. SleepMed.
  3. Hürlimann et al. (2023). Cognitive behavioural therapy to treat stress and insomnia: A randomized wait list-controlled trial of two online courses. J Sleep Res.
  4. Chenini, Barateau and Dauvilliers (2023). Restless legs syndrome: From clinic to personalized medicine. Rev Neurol.
  5. Menchetti et al. (2023). Phenomenology and psychiatric correlates of pseudocataplexy. Sleep.
  6. Feige et al. (2023). Insomnia and REM sleep instability. J Sleep Res.
  7. Luo et al. (2023). Central sleep apnea treated by a constant low dose CO2 supplied by a novel device. J Appl Physiol.
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