Project EARDREAM – Global Equity in Early Alzheimer’s Detection

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Caroline Lustenberger

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 

With regard to International Day of Women and Girls in Science on 11 February, we would like to acknowledge all women in science and bring attention to women’s achievements and research in the sleep field. The ESRS Gender Equality Forum (previously Forum for Women in Sleep Research) is an open forum created in 1998 (during the ESRS Congress in Madrid). It aims to:  

  • raise awareness about the concept of gender inequality and the impact that inequality has on people of all genders and/or identities 
  • identify current issues and attitudes regarding gender inequality within the ESRS and wider sleep research field 
  • promote equal treatment for all European Sleep Research Society members regardless of their sex, gender, or gender identity 

Since its inception, the Forum has been successively led by distinguished female scientists in the sleep field – Prof. Irene Tobler (Switzerland), Prof. Tarja Porkka-Heiskanen (Finland), Prof. Theresa Sagales (Spain), Prof. Teresa Paiva (Portugal), Prof. Myriam Kerkhofs (Belgium), Prof. Eveline de Bruin (the Netherlands) and Dr. Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer (England). 

Most recently, the GEF has been under the progressive leadership of Dr. Caroline Lustenberger (Switzerland) as of 2021. Dr. Lustenberger along with the GEF focus group members Dr. Ximena Omlin, Dr. Carolin Reichert, Dr. Jaime Devine, Amber Roguski, and Dr. Fran Pilkington-Cheney are committed to closing the leaky pipeline for women in science and academia 

Find out more about the GEF. 


Today on International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we single out Dr. Lustenberger’s contribution to science by featuring one of her most recent projects. 

Dr. Lustenberger alongside Prof. Rafael Polania from the Department of Health Sciences and Technology at ETH Zurich, are working on an initiative called EARDREAM, where they aim to develop a biomarker for asymptomatic and early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease. With their low-cost, wearable device technology, they will be able to ensure global equity in early detection. It will be readily accessible, especially in low-to-middle income countries, which is expected to have the most future cases. 

The device “detects specific changes of brain activity during sleep and wakefulness in the convenience of people’s homes, based on a wearable device that can record high-quality brain activity from the ear in a non-obtrusive manner.”  

This progressive project which could change the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease is currently underway, but additional funding is needed. 

For more details on the EARDREAM project, you can read the full article on ETH Zürich and a recent interview from Dr. Lustenberger. 

ESRS Announcements

Sleep Europe 2022 Abstract Submission

We invite you to submit your abstracts for the 26th Congress of the ESRS. All accepted abstracts will be published in the Journal of Sleep Research as well as in the interactive programme online. This will allow your research findings to be seen by professionals around the globe.
Application Deadline: 12 April 2022, 23:59 CET
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Recent publications from ESRS members

  1. Borragán et al. (2022). Impaired sequential but preserved motor memory consolidation in multiple sclerosis disease. Neuroscience.
  2. Canas-Simião et al. (2022). Health-Related Behaviors and Perceived Addictions: Predictors of Depression During the COVID Lockdown. J Nerv Ment Dis.
  3. Zapater et al. (2022). Endogenous controls and microRNA profile in female patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Sci Rep.
  4. Kazemeini et al. (2022). Critical closing pressure (Pcrit) of the pharyngeal airway during routine drug-induced sleep endoscopy: feasibility and protocol. J Appl Physiol.
  5. Schoonderwoerd et al. (2022). Sleep Deprivation Does not Change the Flash Electroretinogram in Wild-type and Opn4-/-Gnat1-/- Mice. J Biol Rhythms.
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