esrs sleep science school 2023 - open application

Sleep Science School 2023 – Applications are Open

Application Deadline: 14 April 2023

After the success of the first three ESRS Sleep Science Schools, the ESRS Board has decided to continue supporting the organization of thematic schools aimed at gathering early career sleep scientists. It is a great opportunity to update on and gain new knowledge, to mingle between field experts and fellow researchers, to share and discuss work and experiences, create new valuable networks and future opportunities.

This fourth edition of the Sleep Science School (SSS) will focus on “REM Sleep / Paradoxical Sleep” and will be held once more at the CNRS lovely La Villa Clythia, site in the city of Frejus, France, next to the Mediterranean Sea, from 24 to 29 September 2023. Hence, this year is especially interesting for basic researchers (animal and human fields) with an interest in REM / paradoxical sleep.

ESRS President Pierre-Hervé Luppi, Vice President (Basic) Vladyslav Vyazovskiy and Past President Philippe Peigneux will coordinate this 4th edition.

The Sleep Science School 2023 programme will be highly proactive and aimed at a maximal involvement of participants. It will include:

  • In-depth lectures by a faculty of international sleep experts on topics related to the functions of sleep (both human and animal work).
  • The presentation and discussion of the participants’ own research.
  • Interactive workshop sessions aimed at writing research grants and proposals.
  • And in-depth exchanges between early career and experienced researchers.

Importantly, faculty members will be present during the entire week, participate in the group activities, and be available for theoretical and practical discussions with early career researchers, and of course, there will be plenty of time for social networking. This level of interaction is invaluable, especially for early career researchers.

Take notice the ESRS Sleep Science School seats are limited to 40 participants. We are already receiving applications so reserve your seat ASAP before they are all taken!

The confirmed faculty members and topics that will be discussed are:

  • Vladyslav Vyazovskiy (United Kingdom) – Sleep Stages, NREM/REM Cycle, REM Sleep Homeostasis
  • Pierre-Hervé Luppi (France) – Paradoxical (REM) Sleep Controlling Circuitry
  • Gianina Ungurean (Germany) – Phylogeny of REM Sleep
  • Giovanna Zoccoli (Italy) – Physiology of REM Sleep and Thermoregulation
  • Isabelle Arnulf (France) – RBD and Dreaming
  • Philippe Peigneux (Belgium) – REM Sleep, Memory and Cognition
  • Hiroki Ueda (Japan) – Molecular Mechanisms of REM Sleep
  • Gina Poe (United States of America) – REM Sleep and Neural Plasticity

Applications are open and the deadline for submissions is Friday 14 April 2023.

For more information on who can apply, how to apply and funding opportunities to attend this SSS 2023, please visit our Sleep Science School page in the Apply button below.

Many past participants have praised ESRS Sleep Science School as one of the best experiences of their careers.  Listen to some of the last SSS 2021 participants has they give us testimonials on their experiences and insights on what to expect from ESRS’ Sleep Science Schools.  

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Frejus and provide you the same great experience on this next fourth edition! 

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