July 2013 – Assembly of National Sleep Societies (ANSS)

Assembly of National Sleep Societies (ANSS) and the Executive Committee (EC)

March to July 2013

The EC of the ANSS has met two times in Copenhagen (May 2013) and in Sibiu (June 2013). The activities can be summarised as follows:

The main activity during the last period was the organisation of the Annual ANNS meeting in Copenhagen. Twenty-four National Sleep Societies (NSS) and the majority of the ESRS board followed the invitation of the Danish Sleep Society (we would like to thank our hosts Stine Knudsen and Poul Jennum for their wonderful job) which was one of the strongest participations in the history of the ANSS meetings. During the 2 days, we discussed intensively the different new developments in the NSS, education and certification procedures in Europe, and reimbursement issues for sleep medicine services in Europe. The ESRS board members reported on the diversity of ESRS activities relevant for sleep research and sleep medicine development in Europe. For example, the continued developments for certification of sleep medicine experts (physicians, psychologists, scientists and sleep technologists) were explained and discussed. The Catalogue of Knowledge and Skills has been further improved and the consequences for educational procedures in the NSS were discussed. The new ESRS Educational Committee was introduced to the NSS. Finally, we had excellent possibilities for informal exchange of ideas and thoughts during the meeting.

The ANSS has a continued involvement of the EU Bus Project, which was the second major activity during the last term. This project is a collaborative effort between the EU committee, the ESRS board and the ANSS.

Ludger Grote, Chair

on behalf of the Executive Committee, Assembly of National Sleep Societies