Report on ERS-ESRS Meeting (Marseille, April 6-8, 2017)

ESRS and ERS welcomed over 830 delegates to this year’s Sleep and Breathing conference, which took place on 6–8 April in Marseille, France. This year’s event offered over 40 scientific sessions and educational workshops to clinicians, scientists and allied health professionals specialising in the respiratory sleep medicine field.

The conference built on the success of the three preceding conferences to deliver a programme of very high quality – combining expert presentations from both the ERS and ESRS with a focus on current hot topics in the field.

The wide variety of presentations over the two-day event included: Cognitive function in sleep disordered breathing; What’s new in research; Update on sleep apnoea and cerebrovascular disorders; Parasomnias; Telemedicine; Medico legal aspects – including a very popular session on sleepiness and car accidents; and a session on Chronobiology and paediatric sleep disorders. The keynote speaker Prof. Matt Naughton from Melbourne, Australia also gave an extremely enlightening lecture on Heart failure and sleep disordered breathing.

This year’s conference introduced designated training modules that followed the ESRS core curriculum and the ERS Certified Respiratory Sleep Training Programme as an additional educational option for delegates. The module options included Polysomnography, Assessment of Daytime sleepiness, Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)/ Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) therapy, Respiratory conditions, and Medico-legal aspects of sleep disorders. Feedback on this new option has been excellent.