July 2013 – Reports – Education Committee

Published in: ESRS Newsletter July 2013

ESRS Education Committee (EduComm)

Report on the planned activities: July 2013

Zoran Dogas (Chair), Roberto Amici, Claudio Bassetti, Colin Espie, Pierre-Herve Luppi, Stefan Mihaicuta, Thomas Penzel, Dirk Pevernagie, Debra Skene 

The Education Committee has continued its work on standardisation of education in European sleep medicine.

Since Sleep Medicine Committee has finished its work on ESRS Catalogue of Knowledge and Skills (CK&S) for Sleep Medicine Experts, Non-medical Sleep Experts, and Sleep Technologists, EduComm has defined the five Modules and appointed the sleep experts that would serve as Task forces for each Module of the standard education curriculum.

The project of European Sleep Medicine Textbook based on ESRS CK&S has started by developing the Wiley ScholarOne “invited-workflow” system with a great help by Brigitte Knobl. This workflow offers a controlled way to handle contributions and submissions. Further, it presents an efficient way to communicate with the authors of the contributions and send them the relevant review feedback. The S1 system is used for JSR production. This system will be a great help to manage the complex editorial processes, in particular since the book project has to be realised within a tight time schedule. Also, the new/revised editions could be compiled/organised in the same environment. The system could actually be used for other book projects in the future.

All invited section editors accepted invitation by the editors (Claudio Bassetti, Zoran Dogas and Philippe Peigneux) and currently the proposed contributors for chapters are being invited. The timeline is carefully planned.

The e-learning Moodle platform has been initially implemented and integrated in the ESRS web environment by the web-developer. Further work on developing this platform is underway and will follow the production of the textbook.

For future ESRS examinations, the EduComm will work closely with the SMC and will form the subcommittee for this purpose.

The Sleep Training Centres (STCs) definition is being discussed with the Sleep Medicine Committee, which is currently working on the revision of the 2006 Accreditation of Sleep Medicine Centres Guidelines. This revision will include description and criteria for European STCs produced in collaboration with EduComm.

Zoran Dogas