March 2017 – Reports – Education Committee

Published in ESRS Newsletter March 2017

ESRS Education Committee (EduCom)

Members (2016 – 2018):
Tiina Paunio (Coordinator), Roberto Amici, Claudio Bassetti, Oliviero Bruni, Colin Espie, Ludger Grote, Lyudmila Korostovtseva, Pierre-Hervé Luppi, Liborio Parrino, Thomas Penzel, Dirk Pevernagie

A survey for feedback for the Somnologist Examination in Bologna, 2016, as well as for the ESRS Textbook, from the participants for the 2016 Somnologist examination was performed. There were altogether 67 participants so that the participation rate was 1/3.

Most of the examinees (84%) had got the information about the examination from the ESRS website or colleagues. 90% rated the online application process as good, very good or excellent, and the corresponding rates for the transparency of the contents and themes of the examination was 93%, and 90% for the professional quality of the questions and the given answers. 80% considered that the professional quality of the ESRS Textbook was good, very good or excellent, while 17% considered it was fair and 2% as poor. 91% considered that the textbook was helpful for the preparation of the examination.

The feedback for the Textbook was discussed among the EduCom at a teleconference in December 2016. While it was acknowledged that the general responses regarding the examination were good, some issues, such as those related to equalizing the quality inside the different chapters, and repetition of some of the topics within and between chapters, were discussed. The first edition of the Textbook is almost sold out. A reprint of 1000 copies was ordered and already delivered to the ESRS.

The next Somnologist examination will be organized in Marseille on the 8th April, 2017. There were 74 applications, out of which 67 were considered as eligible for the examination. For the Somnologist – technician examination, there are 20 applications, all eligible for the examination.

Tiina Paunio