November 2013 – Reports – Education Committee

Published in ESRS Newsletter November 2013

ESRS Education Committee (EduComm)

Report on the planned activities: July 2013

Zoran Dogas (Chair), Roberto Amici, Claudio Bassetti, Colin Espie, Pierre-Herve Luppi, Stefan Mihaicuta, Thomas Penzel, Dirk Pevernagie, Debra Skene 

The Education Committee has continued its work on standardisation of education in European sleep medicine along the track of planned activities in the last report.

The ESRS Catalogue of Knowledge and Skills (CK&S) for Sleep Medicine Experts, Non-medical Sleep Experts, and Sleep Technologists is published in the Journal of Sleep Research, which is an important step in the creation of the standard European education curriculum.

The project of European Sleep Medicine Textbook based on ESRS CK&S is underway with a great help from numerous contributors, section editors, editors, and Brigitte Knobl.

The timeline for production of the textbook is carefully planned and it is very important that all contributors, reviewers and editors follow the deadlines.

The future ESRS examinations starting from Tallinn 2014, as well as the teaching course in Tallinn are planned by the EduComm and the Sleep Medicine Committee, in ccordination with the ESRS board, and official announcements will follow soon.

The EduComm is collaborating with the Sleep Medicine Committee, which is currently working on the revision of the 2006 Accreditation of Sleep Medicine Centres Guidelines. This revision will include description and criteria for European STCs which is a very important factor in the future EduComm activities with regard to practical training within the implementation of the standard education curriculum.

Zoran Dogas