We reach out for 800 Certified ESRS Somnologists

Published in ESRS Newsletter December 2018

The education committee discussed the organization and co-ordination of the web-based education of ESRS at its meeting in Basel (28th Oct). The plan is to provide material in relation to both basic research and clinical sleep medicine. While the activity is co-ordinated by EDU, the executive function is co-ordinated for the part involving basic research by Dr Tarja Stenberg and for the part involving clinical sleep medicine by a clinical sleep expert nominated by the Sleep Medicine Committee.

The Examination Subcommittee will continue its work on developing the somnologist examination, according to the theoretical frameworks as presented in the catalogue of knowledge and skills (JSR 2014) and in the European guidelines for the certification of professional in sleep medicine (JSR 2009). In Basel, there were altogether 113 participants (85 somnologists, 28 technologists) and, as compared to previous examinations, it now included more questions and a section of pediatric sleep medicine. Experiences from that activity was discussed in a Round Table meeting in Basel.

The ESRS examination in sleep medicine has so far been accomplished by a total of 736 participants (578 somnologists, 158 technologists). Preparations for the 2019 examination are made, up to date we received 72 applications for the somnologist examination and 21 for the technologist examination.

Tiina Paunio
Chair of the ESRS Education Committee (EduCom)