Establishment of an Academy for CBT-I

Published in ESRS Newsletter December 2018

The European Insomnia Network met in May in Freiburg in order to discuss the establishment of an academy for CBT-I. According to the deliberations a manuscript has been prepared, which will soon be submitted to the Journal of Sleep Research. This manuscript will outline the criteria for an academy for cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia and explain in detail its dissemination in Europe.

Another meeting of the European Insomnia Network will take place in Oxford early in December this year. Simon Kyle and Colin Espie already have put together a wonderful program which will include speakers from many European countries. At this meeting also the future of the European Insomnia Network will be discussed, especially with respect to the questions how to further promote its activities.

Dieter Riemann, Ph.D., Chair of the European Insomnia Network (EIN)
Professor of Clinical Psychophysiology
Freiburg University Medical Center