October 2012 – European Narcolepsy Network (EU-NN)

Published in: ESRS Newsletter, October 2012

European Narcolepsy Network (EU-NN) 

To support European scientific research on narcolepsy and related hypersomnias, and to optimize patient care by improving diagnostic and therapeutic options, as well as the interaction between centres, doctors, and patients.
Our websites: narcolepsy-network.eu and https://www.unil.ch/index.html .

Progress since spring 2012:
The inclusion in the web-based prospective database, one of our core activities, is steadily growing. In the meantime, we have prepared a manuscript about the findings of our previous retrospective database (N = 1099), which will be submitted later this month. Also, the results of the studies regarding the potential causal relationship between vaccination in 2009 for H1N1 and an increased incidence in narcolepsy have been finalized and will be submitted soon. Our retrospective study concerning pregnancy and narcolepsy has been accepted for publication, and a collaborative immunochip study with the Stanford group has been submitted recently.

We had a well-attended and successful symposium at the ESRS meeting in Paris, and our first assembly immediately after this meeting. Our next event will be the European Narcolepsy Day that will take place in Madrid on 16-17 March 2013.

On behalf of the EU-NN,

Gert Jan Lammers, President