March 2017 – Reports – European Insomnia Network (EIN)

Published in ESRS Newsletter March 2017

European Insomnia Network (EIN)

The European Insomnia Network held its fourth meeting in Amsterdam from December 15 to 16, 2016. Eus van Someren and his group had arranged a terrific programme covering many aspects of insomnia including more than 20 clinicians and researchers from all over Europe. The meeting was a huge success and will be repeated next year at a different location, maybe in Oxford.

Another very important activity of the European Insomnia Network is the European Guideline for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Insomnia, a task force group supported by the ESRS board and chaired by Dieter Riemann from Freiburg. A group of 21 researchers and clinicians from more than 15 European countries will meet on March 31 in Frankfurt in order to finalize the guideline. It is planned to have the guideline published in the Journal of Sleep Research by the end of 2017. The guideline will be endorsed by the board of the European Sleep Research Society and by the executive committee of the Association of National Sleep Societies.

Dieter Riemann, Ph.D.

Professor of Clinical psychophysiology

For the European Insomnia Network