November 2017 – Reports – European Insomnia Network (EIN)

Published in ESRS Newsletter November 2017

European Insomnia Network (EIN)

The European Insomnia Network has been instrumental in developing and writing the European Insomnia Guideline, which will be published in the last issue of JSR in 2017 (Riemann et al., Journal of Sleep Research, 26, 6, in press). Summarizing, the main message of this guideline is that cognitive behavioural treatment for insomnia (CBT-I) should be considered as the first-line treatment for insomnia. As at present there still is a lack of trained therapists for CBT-I, the next initiative of the European Insomnia Network will concern the development and establishment of a European Academy for CBT-I. At present we are looking for candidates for the faculty of this academy and in a next step in spring next year we will hold a first meeting.

Dieter Riemann, Ph.D.

Professor of Clinical Psychophysiology

Freiburg University Medical Center