July 2013 – Research Networking Committee (RNC)

ESRS Research Networking Committee (RNC)

Members (2012-2014):
Coordinator, Debra J. Skene; vice-coordinator, Walter McNicholas; members, Roberto Amici, Simon Archer, Zoran Dogas, Pierre-Hervé Luppi, Lino Nobili, Renata Riha

In our efforts to improve networking and collaboration between European sleep researchers, the work of the ESRS Research Networking Committee was presented at the annual ANNS meeting in Copenhagen (4-5 May, 2013) where 24 National Sleep Societies (NSS) were represented. The ESRS Sleep Research Laboratory Database was explained as well as the annual ESRS Travel Grant scheme for young researchers. All ANSS members were encouraged to become part of this Database to strengthen links between Laboratories across Europe and encourage exchange and interaction of researchers. In addition, the ESRS Expert Somnologists who successfully passed the ESRS Examination in Sleep Medicine (Sept, Paris, 2012 and April, Berlin, 2013) have also been asked to include their laboratory details in the ESRS Sleep Research Laboratory Database.

Please do not forget to register your Laboratory on the web database of European Sleep Research Laboratories. For help in submitting your Laboratory details, please go to Submission_Guide.pdf

There is power in numbers!

With thanks

Debra J. Skene