March 2013 – Research Networking Committee (RNC)

Published in:ESRS Newsletter, March 2013

ESRS Research Networking Committee (RNC)

Members (2012-2014):
Coordinator, Debra J. Skene; vice-coordinator, Walter McNicholas; members, Roberto Amici, Simon Archer, Zoran Dogas, Pierre-Hervé Luppi, Lino Nobili, Renate Riha

In December 2012, the RNC advertised the 2013 ESRS Travel Grants. Early in 2013 a panel from the RNC Committee judged the applications received and nine Travel Grants for 2013 were awarded (see page 15 of Newsletterfor details of the recipients).

These ESRS Travel Grants allow young researchers to undertake study visits to one of the European Sleep Research Laboratories listed on the ESRS Database. We thus continue to encourage all ESRS members to submit details of their Sleep Research Laboratory to the ESRS Database. Being part of this Database will strengthen links between Laboratories across Europe and encourage exchange and interaction of researchers. Moreover, being able to demonstrate a large Database of Sleep Research Laboratories across Europe will improve our efforts to raise the profile of sleep research and sleep medicine with the EU (see ESRS EU Committee report, page 8 of Newsletter). Thus, please register your Laboratory on the web database of European Sleep Research Laboratories. Although this may take a little time initially, it is quick and easy to keep your Laboratory details updated. For help in submitting your Laboratory details, please go to Submission Guide  

Happy networking!

Debra J. Skene