March 2015 – Research Networking Committee (RNC)

ESRS Research Networking Committee (RNC)

Current Members (2014 – 2016):
Pierre-Hervé Luppi (Coordinator), Walter McNicholas (Vice-Coordinator), Roberto Amici, Simon Archer, Lino Nobili, Tiina Paunio, Renata Riha, Debra Skene

Research networking committee (RNC) membership was renewed after election of the new board in Tallinn.
The first major task was to select grantees for the ESRS call for visiting European laboratories. Several members of the RNC were also involved in the organization of the World Sleep Meeting in Istanbul November 2015, in particular its scientific programme. In the future, the objective of the RNC will be to improve support for sleep research at a European level, to foster collaboration between European sleep researchers and to attract young researchers to our field. Actions will be planned throughout 2015.

Pierre-Hervé Luppi